Monday, March 31, 2014

Arthurian Lit Challenge Update

Arthurian Lit Challenge

So I thought I'd give you a little update, because I'm changing my Arthurian Lit reading plan.

No, I'm not changing the books I'm reading. I'm just changing how and when I'm going to read them.

Right now, I'm nearly done with The Mabinogion, but because I posted that essay I wrote, I don't think I'm going to write another post/review on it.

I've also started Yvain (The Knight with the Lion) in Arthurian Romances, because that's my next lesson in the Arthurian lit course I'm taking. See, the thing about this course is that we don't read ALL the stories in the books. I read all the Mabinogion stories, but they weren't ALL assigned. But I need to move forward in the course, and books start piling up if I try to read them all in their entirety. So this is what I am going to do with Arthurian Romances:
I am going to just read Yvain and Lancelot, which are what we will be reading in the course, and post about them.
LATER, I will read the rest of Romances. Just not now. Because they are relatively short stories, I think I'll read them here and there throughout the summer, and write about them then, so I can truly say I have completed the Challenge.

Regarding the other books, such as Le Morte d'Arthur, I WILL read them in their entirety. It's just that reading extra to the assignments for Romances is going to be a little tough right now.

So - sometime this week or next, you can look forward to an essay on Yvain and Lancelot, and maybe some ramblings comparing Welsh literature (Romances) to Celtic literature (Mabinogion).


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