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The Bible Project: Week 9 (Deut 1-16)

First off, let's finish talking about

(Chapters 18-36)

... because I sort of skipped Week 8, even though I don't have very much to say, anyway.
So basically these last chapters were filled with the progress of the Israelites through various territories. But I'd say the most interesting part was when they were entering Moab, and King Balak of Moab summoned Balaam, a "prophet" of sorts, so curse the Israelites. But Balaam could actually talk to God, and told Balak that - nope, God wasn't going to let him curse the Israelites. In fact, he blessed them.
Balak tried three times to get Balaam to allow him to curse the Iraelites, to no avail. He even took Balaam to different places, hoping it would work better there.
"Come, let me bring you to another place; perhaps God will approve of your cursing them from there." (Num 23:27)
Nope - no luck. Poor Balack. :-/

Okay, that's all I have for Numbers. Anything (profound or otherwise) that I missed?

Onward to

(Chapters 1-16)

Well, we have finally come to the last book of the Pentateuch.

Deuteronomy is practically a reinstatement of the laws outlined in Leviticus, and the story of the Israelites to that point. But it's major difference is that before, it was written rather narratively, whereas now, it is written in an oratorical style. Moses is giving a speech - and it definitely reads like one.

I can practically imagine Moses standing in front of all the Israelites, and telling them all that they have gone through, and what God has done for them, as well as what they need to do in return. I suppose it's somewhere along the lines of a motivational speech.

As I was writing this, I just realized that the Moses in Deuteronomy giving motivational speeches is an entirely different Moses from the one we first met in Exodus. Before his adventures, Moses was a pretty shy guy, who at first tried to talk God out of making him become the leader of the Israelites. And then when he finally resigned himself to leadership, Moses had to get Aaron to be his mouthpiece, because he himself was a stutterer!

But now, Moses has become a true leader. He can now give lengthy motivational speeches to his people without stuttering or questioning his leadership. As a Character, Moses has developed over the course of his literary existence, and learned something from his experiences. He is a truly well-rounded Character.

Any comments on Numbers or the first half of Deuteronomy? Please share them below!


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