Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beyond Books: An Update on Life

Things Going On in My Life Now:

Part the First

Sooooo, you may have noticed that I missed yesterday's Top Ten Tuesday. I also have absolutely NO posts planned for this week. Because, guess what...'s TECH WEEK! (For Pride and Prejudice - come see it!)

And as anyone who's been in any sort of theatrical production knows, nothing happens during tech week outside of rehearsal.

So I really haven't been doing any sort of fun reading at all. Even though I have a minor role, I try to squish at least a little bit of homework into all my "free" time in the dressing room.

Next week is Spring Break, so hopefully I'll get a ton of good old fiction reading in then. I really don't think you want to hear about my Anthropology textbook (though it is rather interesting, I must say).

On the bright side, Pride and Prejudice is coming along nicely! The theater is fantastic, and the costumes - oh, the costumes.

I'm sorry for my shameless advertising (never mind, I'm not sorry), but go check us out on Facebook - there are some preview pictures - and if you're in the Chicago area this weekend, come see a show!


Part the Second

April 1st is so close - so close. That is the date by which all the universities I applied to will have told me their decisions. I am SO READY to start this new part of my life, and can't wait to finally know where I'm going to be this August.
April can't come soon enough. :-)

I still have a few more interviews and scholarship apps to wrap up. Compared to the last five months, though, it's going to be a piece of cake.


Part the Third

F. Scott Fitzgerald has a spectacular way with words. I always loved The Great Gatsby, but I've recently was listening to two of his short stories in the car - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and A Diamond as Big as the Ritz - and gosh, he is a remarkable writer. The way he can describe entire scenes or emotions with just a few words - and without ever using a single cliche - makes me so happy. I get so happy when I read good writing.


Part the Fourth

It snowed today. Again. And I skidded into the curb - TWICE - on my way to rehearsal. The ice is crazy.
And it was so warm on Friday! Why, Mother Nature - WHY!?
(This is another reason why April can't come soon enough...)

This has become the defining photo for Winter 2013-14 in the Midwest:
The air hurts my face…Why am I living where the air hurts my face.

And so I leave you, my good readers, with all the random bits and pieces that make up my life right now.
Ultimately, I wrote this rather long blog post as an excuse to not write any more blog posts this week.



  1. Next week is Spring Break here too! I'm off to an island for a few days so I should get lots of reading in. I can't wait!

    I wish I could come and see Pride and Prejudice but, sadly, I am out on the west coast (or perhaps not so sadly considering the weather you have been experiencing!) I hope you have a wonderful production! We were able to see it performed a couple of years ago at a university near us and they did a spectacular job!

    Do you have a list of your top universities that you hope to get into, or are you not hoping on one and will just be happy with what you get? It's so nice to see that you're still excited about school. Many high schoolers can be burnt out by the time they graduate high school.

    Hmmmm .......... Fitzgerald .......... I did re-read The Great Gatsby this year and appreciated it much more than the first time but, in spite of his sometimes stellar prose, I didn't love it. Perhaps I need to read some of his short stories.

    Well, it's finally warmed up here and the last couple of days were sunny, no-jacket days. I'm so looking forward to spring!

    Have a great week, Sophia!

    1. Have fun on vacation! Oooh, an island - that sounds nice. :-)

      I've only applied to Chicago universities - I'd like to stay close to home - but most of them are "top" choices. Explaining my TOP-top choice is a rather complicated matter because it involves getting into certain programs, and not just the universities. We shall see...

      I attribute not being burnt out to homeschooling. Homeschoolers can get VERY excited about learning in general. :-P And I'm also looking forward to starting an entirely new life with new people at a new school (not that I don't like my current life, friends, or school - everything's just so aweseome!).

      The Great Gatsby is rather depressing, and my truly favorite part of it IS his prose. He does do characterizations pretty excellently as well. But it isn't exactly the bubbliest of stories. Death! Disillusionment!

      No jacket! That's quite exciting!

  2. Dear Sophia, I wish for you the best of luck in getting into the program and university you hope for. Wherever you go, I am confident that you will do splendidly! Have a wonderful Spring Break as well. Take care! Sincerely, Howard

    1. Thank you so much for your good wishes, Dr. Howard!


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