Sunday, September 4, 2016

time to disappear for a bit // *vanishes in a poof of smoke*

You all probably know that one of my main career goals is to become a published author. I talk a lot about it on here - what books I'm writing, what struggles I'm having, what worlds I'm creating. But some of you may not know that I have a second career goal (though if you've been around at all frequently, you'll probably know this too). My university degree is actually chemistry, and in two years (TWO SHORT YEARS!!) I hope to be starting medical school.

Yup. That's right. I want to be a doctor AND an author. Because why not? Who said you can only have one career at a time? I want it ALL.

For the last few years, I've managed to balance all parts of my life rather well - or, not so, if you look at my sporadic posting schedule on here. But what I mean is that I get it all done somehow, even if I don't get it done perfectly, or come out of it entirely sane. I get pretty super grades in school, post (relatively) regularly on here, post daily on instagram, tweet plentifully (if a little too much for my own good), and even manage to squeeze in some novel writing here and there occasionally. *pats self on back*

But, I think I've reached a Thing that requires me to give up a little more than, say, blogging once a week instead of three times. And what is that Thing? Oh, just a little exam called the MCAT.

*dun dun*

MCAT: Medical College Admission Test. Basically one of the major things that determines whether or not I'll get into medical school, and, therefore, whether or not I can become a doctor. Pretty important, don't you think?

And I'm taking mine in January. FIVE MONTHS FROM NOW.

Five months can be a long time, when you're taking a boring class, or when you're waiting for a highly anticipated book to come out, or when you're looking forward to vacation.
But five months can also be an extremely short time when you realize that approximately 150 days are all that stand between you and your future.

So I'm sure you'll understand when I say that I'm going to disappear from this blog for a bit (five months, actually). I've taken unofficial hiatuses before, out of necessity, but those never lasted for longer than a few weeks. I need the next five months to be entirely blog-responsibility-free so I have one less thing to think about. And as much as I love blogging, it's become a slight chore lately, so thanks to you, blogging slump, for coming at this opportune time when I have a perfect excuse to succumb to you. :-)

But saying I'll dissappear ENTIRELY is a bit of a lie, because I'm basically just disappearing from Ravens and Writing Desks. Here is a summary of my statuses elsewhere on the interwebs:

  • Twitter: VERY VERY PRESENT. As always. Of course. :-)
  • Instagram: Moderately present. I may not keep up my daily post as the months go on, but I will definitely be around!
  • Goodreads: Also moderately present (though I'm not much on there anyway even now). It'll be a place to keep track of reviews and reading statuses now that I'm no longer posting on the blog.
So if you're not connected with me on any of the above places - hit me up! I want to stay chatty with you all, and I promise not to groan about MCATs too much if you ask me how I'm doing.

Oh! One last thing! You probably want to know what I'll be doing for NaNoWriMo! (Actually, you probably didn't even think that far ahead, because who is planning for NOVEMBER right now?) My answer is - most likely? I would love to? I hope so? It really depends on how far my studying has gotten and if I can be all motivated and organized and disciplined and stuff. 

So! Farewell! (Though not really because I'll still be on Twitter etc.) I'll post again in January when the monstrous MCAT is over and I'll update you on what the state of the blog is (and, frankly, what the state of my brain is, because who knows, it might be imploded). 

Au revoir! See you elsewhere on the interwebs!