Look! I'm an Author!

I like to scribble stories. Here are some that I am working on, with some short descriptions. So if you're ever wondering what I mean when I mention one of my particular works... now you have this handy dandy guide!

VeniceNovel (Masked Souls working title)

- currently on hold - 1st draft 80% completed - pinterested

Zaneta Soranzo has maskmaking in her blood. The Soranzi family has long been known as the best maskmakers in the entire Republic of Venice - it is rumored that they can imbue life into their masks. But when Zaneta's father dies, leaving an unfinished mask and a secret, she is pulled into a mystery that threatens danger to her business, her family, and all of Venice. 

Angelo da Vale has two desires - justice, and revenge. God may be the ultimate Judge in Heaven, but on Earth - or at least in Venice - da Vale has taken justice into his own hands. As the de facto leader of the Council of Ten, the main judicial body in Venice, da Vale rules with a heavy hand. The deserving must be punished, and punished according to the magnitude of their crime. No quarter can be given.

Masks are not always crafted out of clay and paper. Masks can also be the creation of the heart - the result of fear, and the desire to protect the innermost self. And even as a Carnivale reveler can be unmasked by a clever hand, so can the soul unknowingly reveal it's deepest secrets.

SlavicNovel (untitled)

- current WIP - Draft 0.5ish completed - Draft 1ish just started - pinterested -

Baba Yaga's curse decreed that Tania would remain friendless and outcast from humanity forever. When she is given the chance to change her fate, Tania sets out on a quest involving eerie forests, a runaway prince, super seductive sexy mermaids, badass ladies (thieves, warriors, and witches), black marble castles, more curses and spells, true love (both requited and not), and a dark immortal lord who knows just how attractive he is.

 GhostNovel (untitled)

- young adult plot bunny - partially outlined - pinterested -

Susan is a single mother and a grieving widow, who tells herself she hasn't just seen her husband's ghost.

Everly May is 80 years old and knows everything there is to know about the paranormal.

Barret is a 7 year old boy who can talk to ghosts and see into the beyond.

Arietta is a girl werewolf.

And Lucas is Arietta's completely normal boyfriend, who has no clue what he's gotten himself into.

Meet the ghosthunting team of Red Hills Village, Wisconsin.

The Glare of the Spotlight

- plot bunny - pinterested -

Does fame change you?

Can fame change you for the worse?
If you let it.

CamelotNovel (untitled)

- plot bunny - partially outlined - 1st draft 10% completed - pinterested -

All Dina wants out of the college experience is a 4.0, admission into a biochemistry grad school program, a comfortable bed, and a roommate who doesn't stay out late. Instead, she gets a break up text on the first day. Thankfully, her roommate Luna seems nice - more the type to stay at home with tea and a book than party - and Luna's sophomore friend Wayne seems nice too. (Though NO Dina isn't ready for boyfriends yet OBVIOUSLY.)

Luna doesn't know what she wants out of college, but it's definitely not a crying roommate. And even though Dina turns out to be pretty friendly when she's not crying, Luna isn't sure how she feels about Wayne asking her new friend out. (No Luna isn't JEALOUS she doesn't LIKE Wayne OBVIOUSLY they're JUST FRIENDS.)

Throw in Art, Gwen, Lance, and Morgan; a few frat parties; a few cozy evenings of Netflix (and chill?); too many nerdy jokes; and too many quests to the library to study for (panic over) midterms; and you have the Round Table, 21st century college edition.

There are more that will slowly be added to this list. Yippee!


  1. Cool nw page here :-)
    I love the idea of making a list of writing projects... I think I'm just going to copycat this, eh?

    The Ghosthunters sound really cool... of all the descriptions on the list their my favorites so far :-) so if ever published I will read it.

    1. I'm glad you like it! And copy away :-)

      If you want to see my pinterest board for the Ghost one, here it is: https://www.pinterest.com/literaryrambles/untitled-ghost-wip/
      You can meet my characters there!

  2. I am very interested in Masked Souls. It defenitely sounds like something I would read.

  3. Is there a way to subscribe to this blog?

    1. There's an email bar on the right side, or you can use Bloglovin or GFC! Your preference :-)


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