Friday, March 7, 2014

Pride and Prejudice Performed

It's a balmy 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside today - and sunny! :-P It was so warm that, even though I still wore my warm coat, I rolled down the windows in the car while driving.

Spring is COMING, even after this crazy polar vortex. Have hope! My heart is about to burst.

On a completely different note, my homeschool group's theater company is putting on a performance of Pride and Prejudice!

Thin Ice Pride & Prejudice flyer_100989.indd

I am in it, but I am only a random person at the ball, so that is of little matter. 
The more important thing is that it is a rather excellent production, and that if you happen to be around the Chicago area, you should come see it! :-) 

And whether or not you are from 'round here, you should still stop by to the website and "like" the Facebook page:
On the site, you can see the trailer (which is awesome) and purchase advance tickets (though they will be available at the door as well).

My sister is playing a fantastically chatty Mrs. Bennet. Here is her cast photo. See, she will cry if you don't come!

Photo: You don't want to miss this young lady as Mrs. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice!


  1. It sounds wonderful Sophia [though unfortunately I probably won't be able to make it]. I wish for your sister good luck in her performance, and for you both to have a wonderful time! What other plays have you both performed in?

    Take care!



    1. Thank you! I've been in a few musicals over the last three summers, but this is my first straight play.


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