Thursday, April 2, 2015

March // The Month of Happy

Why is March the month of Happy? I don't know. I'm hoping there will be many more months of Happy (except I obviously won't call them that because I want each one to have a unique title). But March was the first month of Happy since I started having monthly recaps, so that is what it shall be called.

 Somehow, everything in March just seemed to fall into a general state of contentment. Oh, there were midterms and there was stress and there were papers to write - but somehow, it wasn't as bad as February. I didn't have any meltdowns. My parents didn't experience my raging fear of failing.

I think it's the effect of Spring.

This happened:

I am very excited to finally wear my rainboots. I bought them last fall-ish, but then it promptly started to snow, so I never got to wear them. Now's the time!

The weather isn't perfect, but it's not deathly freezingly numbingly cold. It's an improvement.

Though it did snow over spring break because Chicago weather is a fickle little beast and likes to give us false hope. Yesterday was absurdly and disgustingly beautiful, and my sister called it April Fools weather.

Mother Nature: Look, my children, look at this lovely gift of sunny, warm, breezy weather I give you!

It rained today.

Here are some other things that happened this month:

~ I found out what Hogwarts house I'm in... sort of. I took one quiz that looked super legit (this one), and it put me in Ravenclaw. But then I found a quiz that claimed to be the Pottermore one, which, since it was written by JK Rowling herself, should be better, right? So that one put me in Gryffindor. But see, the person who made the Pottermore-not-on-actual-Pottermore quiz only knew the questions, not how they correlated to the appropriate houses... so how legit is it? I'm not planning on joining Pottermore, but it seems that is the only way to officially know what house J K Rowling's original quiz would put me in. Gawsh.

I'm having a minor identity crisis here.

~I made a vlog! Apparently you people liked it. *blushes*
I'm going to make one every month - next one's going up in two or three weeks!

~I had  spring break, and read a few books. It wasn't as many as I would like, but it was a nice break and let me re-energize for the final month of school.

~I made some very delicious oatmeal walnut cranberry cookies. And no one in my household can eat them except for me, because they're all gluten free. And I'm not.


I didn't do that on purpose. Oh no, not at all.

~I discovered that having a non-writer mother can sometimes be pretty awesome, because she gives some really motivating and tell-it-like-it-is pep talks. Because she doesn't know the details of writing life, she can tell me straight up - "You never seem to actually write anything. You are jumping around from project to project and putting post its on your wall and making characters but you never write anything."

I already knew from Cait's writerly quiz that I am SUCH a Plot Bunny Chaser, but the fact that my non-writer mother can SEE this means I really need to work on getting down to business and churning out some writing. This has really been a year of writerly-self-discovery. Gosh.

~I didn't haul very many books this month. I focused on reading the ones from last month instead.

Top Ten Tuesday: FAVES 
{In which I squee about my absolute favorite books from the last three... four... five... years - I kind of cheated on this one}

Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood Books
{Oh the nostalgia! I cheat on this one too. It's kind of impossible not to.}

Bookshelf Tour (and Sophia makes a fool of herself on camera)
{The title kind of says it all, no?}

Tell me about your month! How did March treat you?
...Also, which Hogwarts house should I swear allegiance to? HALP (Tell me your Hogwarts houses too!)



  1. Enter the lovely blue Ravenclaw fray :D It's the best place! I'm glad your month was so good! Hooray for less stress :)

    1. Ravenclaws are awesome. Can I claim Divergence and say I'm a bit of everything or is that the wrong book series? :-)

  2. Um...I got Hufflepuff? But on another one, I was a Gryffindor.....

    Yeah. I'm sticking with Gryffindor. :)

    Hope your month goes as well as the other! :) (yeah, I use a lot of smileys)

    1. I'm very close to either Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. I'm guessing there's a fair chance that the actual Sorting Hat would put me in any of those. (I'm definitely not Slytherin, that's pretty obvious.)
      Don't be ashamed of Hufflepuff! I actually wish that I was a solid Hufflepuff because those are the most sweet, strong people. <3

      I use lots of smileys too. :-) Except mine have noses haha :-P

  3. I've taken a test before that put me in Ravenclaw, although I've never read HP, I understand the basic concept of houses and what they mean. I took another test (for fun) and I got Slytherin. So I'm mildly confused as to which house I really belong to.
    Love your boots:)

    1. YES we'll be Ravenclaws together! Or you can be conflicted like myself (Divergent? haha) and be a Slytherclaw or a Raverin? :-P

      Thank you! I love them too :-)

  4. Curious....very curious. I declare you....Gryffenclaw! Or, you know, whichever one you choose. I think that's the way it works. I'm a Hufflepuff, myself. You could join us. We have Cauldron Cakes.

    1. I am extraordinarily tempted to join Hufflepuff. The Best-Version-Of-Sophia that I strive to be would be sorted into Hufflepuff, I think. I'll be Gryffleplaw? Yes. All three.

  5. OKAY BUT I WANT TO STEAL YOUR RAINSHOES. I, as you might notice from my profile picture, an notoriously in love with rainboots (although we call them gumboots in Oz). I can't wait until it's cold and I can wear mine. xD Ohhh, vlog every month sounds FABULOUS. I wish I was brave enough to vlog by myself but I AM NOT. *sigh* It's been unseasonably hot here, so, um, I am actually (weirdly) wanting some cooler weather. I hope it warms up for you and cools down for me!!

    1. I think it's awesome how many different names rainboots have - I haven't seen it with many other words. I kinda like "galoshes." :-)

      Oh, trust me, by July I will be ready for cooler weather. I'm just glad I live somewhere where I get a variety of seasons!


    It's good that you had a good March, I would classify mine as having lots of contentment too, I went exploring n stuff a lot aha.

    Little Moon Elephant


      Exploring sound fun. It's been a while since I went intensely exploring. This summer perhaps?


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