Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bookshelf Tour! (and Sophia makes a fool of herself on camera)

Today I have something special.

Today marks the first time that my voice and me speaking are available for all the internet to see.

In other words, I have finally made a vlog.


This first video is a bookshelf tour, which is why it's kinda long. As I say in the video, I'm planning to do this once a month, and I PROMISE they're not all going to be over ten minutes. They're also not all going to be this rambly and awkward and badly edited, since I'm told that practice makes perfect.

Seriously, pardon all my rookie vlogging mistakes. I tried my best. :-)

And now... enjoy meeting some of my precious babies!

How do you organize your books? Do you have your own shelves? 

AND: give me suggestions on what else to vlog about! I need ideas!



  1. YAY A VLOG!! YOU HAVE A FACE AND A VOICE AND EVERYTHING. YAY! (okay that sounded kind of weird, but you knoooow what I mean.) XD I loved this vlog. x)
    OMG YOUR DOWNSTAIRS SHELVES. *flails and dies* They are beautiful.
    Did you do LATTL? (Or however you spell it?!) I see coloured spines on your English shelf so I just wondered.... xD
    I like your sticky-note wall. It is fabulous. It is GREAT. It is a lot more organised than my wall.
    I can't wait for more vlogs...YOU ARE REALLY GOOD AT THEM. :)

    1. Why thank you. *blushes*
      YES I HAVE A FACE AND A VOICE. And everything.

      My father was embarrassed of me showing off the "messy shelves" downstairs, but I knew you people would appreciate them. :-)

      No, we didn't use LLATL (I had to look it up, I didn't know what it was!). The colored spines are a couple different English books, things my mom picked up at conferences and whatnot. I never really used them. We have a lot of homeschooling junk that we never used.

  2. I LOOOVE this!! You really should do more vlogs!
    I love all your books, and Les Miz!! That book, I adore it!
    Your downstairs books are all so organized, I could never achieve that level of organization!
    You could do vlogs about writing advice, and you can do book review vlogs too!

    1. My dad was embarrassed about me showing the downstairs "messy shelves." Hh thinks they're super disorganized!

  3. I knew we were sisters!!! ;) Goodness we have do much in common!
    I loved your first vlog! You achieved that level of relaxation and fun that I couldn't ever achieve in my vlogs. I get really nervous with a camera pointed at me.
    P.S. My family has more books than yours! ;) Homeschool bragging rights. ;)

    1. Oh it took a good many takes to make it look moderately relaxed, believe me. :-)

      I succumb to you the bragging rights *bows head in shame*

      OH BUT WAIT there's a ton more crap in the basement so you can't judge mwahahaha
      ALSO I just have one sibling - how large is your family?

      ...I won't let that challenge go so easily :-)

  4. You're great at vlogging, it was nice to get a peek at someone else's bookshelf. I really want to read 'The Women in White' love a good mystery. You're Ukrainian, that is so cool because, two of my younger sister's are Ukrainian. We adopted them three years ago.

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I think you'll really like Woman in White. It's very well written.

      Oh that's awesome about your sisters! I know a religious sister who used to travel with donations to all the orphanages in Ukraine every summer.


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