Monday, March 30, 2015

Beautiful People #7: Susan


Look at me, doing the March BP so close to the wire. It's almost April! *cheers*

Today you get to meet Susan, from my untitled paranormal novel. I am working on Susan. She's just the shell of a character as yet.

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Susan Susan


1. What is their secret desire?

For her husband, Jon, to be alive again. For her heart to be whole again. For her mind to be sure and confident again. But she knows that's not possible. 

2. What is the best and brightest moment they experience during the story?

 I... don't know this yet. Susan has a lot of depression ahead of her.

But it probably involves her baby. Good things for Susan in this story usually involve her baby.

(The baby also has no name yet. But it's a girl.)

3. What are the emotional places your characters are afraid to go to?

That moment when she finally realized her husband had died and was gone forever. (Five days after he had actually died.)

4. Is there a place/city/room where they will never go? Why?

The Art Institute of Chicago, because she and Jon used to wander around there for hours, when they still lived in Chicago (they had a membership). Actually, she'll go there, but never the impressionist wing. Monet's Haystacks make her break down.

5. If they were permanently leaving town, what would they easily throw out? What would they refuse to part with? (Why?)

Anything that reminds her of Jon would get saved, because she can't bear to let any memory of his go. Also, obviously, all the important baby stuff would have to come with - for practicality's sake.

Susan would easily throw out all her baby's chew toys. They're kind of mangled. And gross.

6. What do they want (consciously and tangibly)?

Susan wants her baby to grow up happily and healthily. She also wants Jon back. I think I've said that a few times? It's kind of a big deal.

7. On the other hand: what do they need (on the emotional, subconscious level)?

Susan needs release. She needs hope. And she needs to know that she is needed and loved - by her child and by her neighbors.

8. If they could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?

She really hates her ears. But oh well.

She also would change herself to become a better mother. (But isn't that what all moms think?)

She'd change herself to be more happy. Perky. Normal.

Which is tough. She doesn't exactly know what she wants. Susan has a lot of sorting through to do.

9. What is the most humiliating event of their life?

Not sure about this either. Probably something to do with her parents and her early 20's.

10. What things do they turn to when they need a bit of hope?

Her baby. She is the most physical manifestation of Susan's love for Jon, and reminds Susan that she has to keep going because - baby. 

Would you have guessed that this paranormal novel started out as kind of a comedic idea? I never knew that there would be depressed mothers and such. Gosh. (I mean, seriously. Dead husband PLUS post natal depression. That's a lot to deal with.)

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  1. Why does Monet's Haystacks make her cry? Was it her husband's favourite painting?

    1. They were both pretty big fans of Monet. And there are couple different Haystacks paintings, representing different seasons. There's one room that has them all, along with some other Monets.

  2. Aw, poor single mom. :/ It sounds like she has rocky times ahead of her—but it sounds like when she's done perhaps she'll come up on top. She sounds sympathetic, though, so whatever her story, I imagine we'll all be hooked.

    1. She's actually part of a humongous paranormal endeavor of mine, so she's going to get into a lot more craziness than your average single mom. In fact, her wish to see her husband again kinda kinda gets granted. :P


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