Sunday, April 26, 2015

Am I a Good Parent to my Book Babies?

I cannot help counting down the days to when my final final lets out and I am a free woman once again.

(It's 12, if you wanted to know. Days. Until my final final.)

In happier news, I've made this month's vlog! You can watch it below. And if you listen carefully, you'll hear my sister practicing piano in the background. :-)

What are your bookish bad habits? How good of a book parent are you?


  1. I'm a bad mother. While I do use book marks and rarely lend my books, I do crack spines, if necessary, and I write and underline all over my books. You would die. Now I am wishing I didn't write in my books, but then I don't know how else to record my thoughts immediately. Someone did suggest post-it notes. I should try it.

    P.S. I totally enjoyed listening to your sister on the piano. It reminded me of my son, when he used to play. In fact, he played that very same piece that she was playing (when you were talking about #4 & #5).

    1. I really like reading books with notes in the margins. I think it's fantastic. I just can't do it!

      Underlining, on the other hand, that's nearly as bad as hilighting *tut tut tut*

      Oh that's so cool! I believe it is a Schubert Impromptu. :-)

  2. I started watching your video before I read the post, so at first, I thought I was hearing background music that you added after the fact. XD Tell your sister she sounds really good. :-)

    So *that's* what people mean when they talk about cracking spines. But how do you read a paperback without doing that? :-?

    Amen on the part about not writing in books. I used to occasionally underline things or write comments in the margins, but only in pencil and I usually erased it afterwards. Highlighter marks, however, are a sin. I once bought a copy of Jane Eyre secondhand and I can't tell you how depressed I was when I got it home and saw that not only were huge chunks of the text highlighted, but also, the previous owner felt the need to write a chapter summary at the end of EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. I've barely touched it since I brought it home.

    I used to be much less leery about eating while reading, until I dripped grape jelly on one of my mom's magazine and permanently turned that one corner of the page into flypaper. Now, I usually don't eat and read at the same time. :-)

    I don't know if this counts as a "bad book habit," but I have a way of starting books and not finishing them. Just this year, I've started nine books and I've only finished one (and that one was barely long enough to be called a book!). Some of them I'm still trying to read, but most of them I just abandoned. That's a bad habit with me.

    1. My sister says thank you :-) Do you think I should ask her to provide background music to all my videos? Hm.

      I really have no idea how to read books without cracking spines. You'd have to open them really carefully, I guess...

      Oh no that's awful about your Jane Eyre! :-( My Great Gatsby was a gift from a friend who was low on money, so I understood - but it's such a pity to buy a book yourself and find it defaced like that!

      Ha I don't think even grape jelly would dissuade me. :-)

      See, I used to have the opposite problem. I would force myself to finish a book that I HATED. Lately I've been learning the fine art of DNF'ing, but it's a tricky thing.

    2. About the music, I love classical, so that would be cool. :-)

  3. I'M A GOOD BOOK MOTHER. I fiddle with bookmarks awfully though, but I'd rather fiddle and ruin bookmarks than dog-ear. xD I don't crack spines on purpose, but I aaalways do on accident. Eating and reading? IT IS AN ART FORM IN ITSELF. Especially if one is trying to tackle tough food and manage a toughly-spined book with the other hand. -_-


    1. Oh yes. The toughly spines ones are the awkwardest while eating. It's truly an art form.

      (Next month's will be special. For reasons.)

  4. I do all these except highlight or write. I would never. My mom was reading 'Book Thief' and she blotted out a curse word, I gasped at her. I feel it is destroying someone else's story. I can see the benefit of doing it, but I think I would just as soon get rid of a book with content issue's rather than censor it.

    1. Ohhhhh no. No. I totally agree with you - the authors include curse words for reasons. I think I wrote a post on this a few years ago? If you don't want your children to read curse words, don't give them those books. Once your children are old enough to actively get their own books, then they're old enough for logical discussions about curse words.


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