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Top Ten Tuesday: New-To-Me 2014 Authors


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Soooo this post was supposed to go up yesterday - but my scheduler failed me. Glargh. So now you have top ten Wednesday. :/

Gosh, this year has definitely been a year for New-To-Me Authors. In the summer, I started reading a lot more YA, and was introduced to so many fantastic authors who are still alive! (Shocker...)
However, I still like to stick to my tried and true, so this list is 8 rather than 10. But hey - better than last year's 3!

1. Maggie Stiefvater
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(Click here for more books by Maggie Stiefvater)

So much love for her books. For her writing. FOR HER CHARACTERS. I will read so much more of her stuff next year.

2. Elizabeth Wein
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This book is the only non-classic ever to make it on my "Excellent" list. That means A LOT.

3.  Markus Zusak

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Not only was this book heartrendingly beautiful and made me cry unapologetically on the bus, it was also clever. Quite a combination.

4. Marissa Meyer
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(Click here for more books by Marissa Meyer - Lunar Chronicles Short Stories)

 I saw Marissa Meyer in person. I SAW MARISSA MEYER IN PERSON.

5. Leigh Bardugo
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 (Click here for more books by Leigh Bardugo - Grisha Short Stories)

Slavic fantasy! Slavic fantasy! We need more Slavic fantasy!

6. Helene Wecker


Note there is no link for "more books by Helene Wecker." It's her debut! And it's awesome!

7. Erin Morgenstern 


I almost forgot that this was a 2014 book for me! I read it in January :-)
Again, though - it's Morgenstern's debut. Though I've heard another book is well on the way to publication! *cackles with glee*

8. John Green
(Click here for more books by John Green)

Given my three-star-review of TFIOS, you didn't think he'd be on this list of favorites. But I liked his writing style so much - his literaryness - that I think he deserves both a place on here and another shot. Looking for Alaska is on my 2015 TBR :-)

And that's it for me! There were some new-to-me authors that didn't quite make it on this list (ahem, James Patterson), and John Green just barely squeezed his way in. But overall - it's been a good year!


What are your favorite new authors you read in 2014?


  1. I read TFIOS this year too and it was my first John Green book. I feel like I need to read more of his work to get a better sense of whether I like him or not. I read so many new-to-me authors this year, but probably some of the stand-outs are Hilary Mantel, Diana Gabaldon, Rene Denfeld, Jessie Burton, Alexandre Dumas and Gustav Flaubert (of course)!

    1. I agree with you about John Green. TFIOS may not have been the best book to start out with, since it was so overhyped.

      Oooh Dumas. I love him :-)

  2. OMG you met Marissa Meyer?! SO JEALOUS!!!!! So to compete with you meeting Marissa Meyer, a new-to-me author this year (WHO I MET!) was Laini Taylor! I love her books so much and if you haven't read them then you totally should :)


      Y'know, Laini Taylor definitely competes with that, though. I haven't read her stuff yet, but it's definitely on my TBR!

  3. Wow, almost all of these books are on my TBR! The only ones I've read are The Book Thief and The Fault in Our Stars. I can't wait to read the Raven Cycle or the Lunar Chronicles. Also everyone in the blogosphere has sung Code Name Verity's praises from their virtual rooftops, so I know I need to read it!

    1. And I shall sing it with them! Code Name Verity is gonna be a classic someday. Just watch. :-)

  4. HAHHH I AM SO GLAD TO SEE MAGGIE STIEFVATER HERE. ^_^ I feel like I rave about her too much, but omg, aren't her books the most amazing things in the universe?? She totally steals my soul with those characters. I love Markus Zusak too! I think I read Marrisa Meyer last year?? Eh. It's too hard to remember now. December is like the worst month for remembering things. heh.


      December is the worst month for remembering things, especially if you have a bad memory in general (like I do). You want me to remember what I read eleven months ago? I can't even remember what I did last weekend. Please.

  5. i haven't read a single john green book.


    i've heard a great deal about all the authors on your post, and I especially LOVE leigh bardugo! if you haven't already read her fairytale novellas set in the world of Ravka, get it them! STAT! the raven cycle series got me all addicted to tarot cards and mysterious boys and oohhh all that stuff that messes your mind ;) maggie stiefvater is a fantasy genius. didn't know that erin morgenstern is writing another book so excite!!

    alicia @ noverly things

    1. Don't hide! I was late onto the bandwagon too. And *whispers* if you don't feel like reading them, don't. TFIOS was good, but not THE BEST.

      Oh I really want to read those Ravka novellas! They're on my TBR and I haven't gotten to them yet! But I will -I promise!

  6. So basically all these authors have books on my TBR list that I have yet to get to but I am very much looking forward to doing so! Except for two. I discovered Markus Zusak as well this year and looooved the Book Thief! I read John Green last year, thought his was okay and tried another this year, but I can safely say his writing is not for me :/

    1. Aww that's too bad with John Green. I'm going to try Looking For Alaska, but if that doesn't work for me, I may give up on him like you did.

      But BOOK THIEF. That book is genius. :-)


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