Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern // Someone Make This a Real Place, Please!

A little late, I'm finally writing about Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus.
I must say, it was a very fun read, and though it wasn't my favorite book ever it was definitely quite enjoyable.
I'll split up this post into two sections.

Things I didn't like as much:
The plot was all right, but not fantastic. It seemed like the plot was there as a tool just so Morgenstern could develop her circus. Because, of course, a book solely consisting of description doesn't make for much of a novel. However, I did enjoy the ending - if only because it was unexpected yet still happy.

Things I liked:
Oh, the writing! The writing was gorgeous and spectacular and spellbinding. Morgenstern truly has a way with words, and is fantastic at descriptions. In fact, over half the book was made up of descrptions of the circus, and I truly enjoyed those more that some of the rest of the book.
I want to go to the Cirque des Reves! :-) Someone should make a real-ish version (of course, there would be no magic, but that could be forgiven... )

Read it - if only for the detailed description of the sounds, sights, and even smells (bravo, Morgenstern!) of the Circus. Few authors delve as deeply as she into truly attempting to make the reader feel present. Can I say again - smells! She pays attention to every sense, even the neglected ones, like scent, to give the reader a full picture. It's beautiful.

I look forward to more of her books! If you want a sample of Morgenstern's whimsical writing style, you can check out her blog - it is awesome.


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