Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Bible Project: Week 6 (Leviticus)

So Leviticus is definitely the least interesting section of the Bible so far (which isn't saying much, considering it's only the third book). However, what I found interesting was that many of the laws made sense. Let me explain.

The first couple bits were on sacrifices - "sweet-smelling oblations to the Lord" - when to do them, why, and how. There are so many different situations for sacrifices. But I suppose that Jesus simplified it all - He's supposed to be the supreme sacrifice, right? So now Christians don't have to do all the stuff outlined in Leviticus.

So, those first bits on sacrifices seemed the slightest bit convoluted and annoying. But then the rest made way more sense. All the laws on leprosy, adultery, etc. were basic guides for morality and health. There was nothing religious about them at all. You didn't just do it because God told you to, you did it because it was actually beneficial for you to do it. The priests were like doctors - if you had a weird yellow boil, you took it to the priest, who would determine whether it was dangerous or not. If your clothes grew mold on them, the priest would try to wash out the mold, and if that didn't work - he'd cut it out. These were all basic rules of health and cleanliness.

I've always been a little put off by the whole "clean/unclean" thing. I always thought that it wasn't very nice to call someone "unclean" - for heaven's sake, a woman is unclean during her menstrual period? But what it actually means is that the person has a contagious disease, is physically dirty, or is just not in the most fantastic health. It doesn't mean that they are somehow outcasts from society. Also, when some animal was considered unclean, perhaps the animal was not healthy for them to eat.

I'm sorry if that was all a little confusing - I don't think well this late.


What do you think of Leviticus and all the laws?

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