Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fierce Reads Tour (My First Author Event EVER!)

You may know that Classics were my first love, and will always have a special place in my heart. But the one big problem with Classics is - all the authors are dead. You can't follow them on Twitter, you can't write them fanmail, and they sure as heck won't be going on a book tour anytime soon. (Unless - they come back as zombies. But no.)

This past year or so, I've discovered the beautiful world of YA lit (and a lot of beautiful YA lit bloggers, too!), and through that, I now have a bunch of favorite authors who are very much so alive! That means that I can actually meet them face to face and speak to them and get all nervous about it - how exciting!

So last Friday, when the Fierce Reads tour (with Marissa Meyer!) stopped by at Arlington Heights Library (about 45 minutes from my house), I stole my mother's van and set off.

This was, momentously, my first ever author event, so I was unbearably excited. (Just drive, Sophia. You don't want to get into any car accidents. Focus on the road.) (I made it to the library quite safely.)

Out of the authors at the event, I had only read the books of Marissa Meyer, but I had heard of the others through Twitter and other blogs.
Oh here they are: Jessica Brody, Nikki Kelly, Gennifer Albin, and Marissa Meyer. They all were hilarious.

I had a grand time, bought books and got them signed, and ate cake. Here is what else happened:

1. I met other people who love the same books I love.
It's great to see how many different kinds of people are at events like this. At first I felt out of place because of all the young kids, but then I realized this is YA for heaven's sakes. They are the target audience. I guess in the book blogger community I'm used to older people reading YA, and tend to forget that it's main audience is actually a good bunch of years younger! Ha.
But there were adults too. I sat next to a friendly English teacher who chatted up with everyone she would meet.

2. I met the creator of some of my favorite books. It's so inspirational. That sounds cheesy, but it's true. I have a dream, and these women - not much older than I - are living that same dream. It's possible!
There were three friends behind me in the signing line, and one of their mothers had come along as chauffeur. I over heard the mother say, motioning to the authors, "Girls! Take these as your role models. These are young women who have worked hard to publish books and become successful authors. They should be an inspiration to you."
I wanted to turn around and say, "Pay attention!" to the girls, because they were NOT. And what the mother was saying was the absolute truth!

3. I got some excellent writing advice. Love Q&A. I didn't get to ask any questions of my own, but it's just so wonderful hearing advice and encouragement from other authors. It made me so excited for NaNo!
4. I got books signed! And I got some pretty awesome swag.
Poster signed by all four authors, a blueprint of the Rampion, and some glorious stickers (which will stick on my laptop once I actually get one):

And finally, the books:

The Lunar Chronicles, as the newest additions to my library, get to sit (temporarily) on the shelf of honor.

Though I WAS disappointed that there were no hardcover Cinder's or Scarlet's for sale, because I totally would have bought them. Oh well.
I came home utterly glowing (and safe - no car wrecks on the way home either). I SO want to go to more of these events!

If you want to read an actual logical recap of the event, you can head on over to Polished Page Turners, who transcribed the entire Q&A session.

What author event have you been to lately? Do you remember your first? Or - if you haven't been to an event - whom would you LOVE to meet?



  1. THIS IS SO AMAZING AND I'M THOROUGHLY JEALOUS. ADJFSLAKD MARISSA MEYER!!! YOU GOT TO MEET MARISSA MEYER!!!! *flails endlessly* And that's so cool that all your books are signed and the Rampion blueprints. Omg. OKAY! OKAY! I'll calm down.
    I definitely agree about the mother's advice to those girls. Heh. That is awesome advice anyway.
    I've never met an author. Unless it was an undercover authors. :| I SO WANT TO MEET ONE! Although I would probably be the person who just stood there like a stunned fish and said "Hi, and thanks" and then left. GAH!

    1. YES YES YES BE JEALOUS *flails with you*

      I was worried I'd also be a stunned fish, but I plotted and planned things to say beforehand, and what I actually said was:
      "You have the honor of being my first ever book signing author."
      And Marissa said:
      "Oh! You're the girl who tweeted about that!"
      And I just sort of flailed and handed her my books. SHE REMEMBERED MY TWEET

  2. Amazing! It sounds like you had so much fun and I love the photos. Which author's Q&A did you enjoy the most?

    1. Well, I enjoyed Marissa Meyer's Q&A because I actually knew what characters/scenes/stories she was talking about.
      But Nikki Kelly was just so adorable and I loved her. She had lots of tales to tell about her adventures in life in general.

  3. Amazing! You met Marissa Meyer! I didn't read this post carefully in my reader... I think I should go on and read Scarlet, I've only read Cinder yet... :-)

    1. YES definitely read the rest! They are excellent.


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