Friday, October 3, 2014

Freshmen Assemble: Final Thoughts

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(Wondering what this is all about? Check out my intro post HERE.)

So today's the last day of Freshmen Assemble! It's been fun for me (I hope it hasn't been too boring for you... hearing me ramble about life... we'll be back to bookish stuff on Sunday).

Since the first day of school, I've been a college student for a month already. Let's just ponder that for a moment. A MONTH.

I now know:

1) that our school library has TONS of awesome stuff, including the complete score to Wagner's Ring Cycle and a collection of ancient German encyclopedias. (I can't read the encyclopedias, but they look awesome.)

2) which building each abbreviation corresponds to! If someone says, "Oh yeah, I've got a class at BSB, and then I'm gonna see my advisor in UH," I know exactly what they're talking about.

3) that I desperately need to buy a laptop. That is mine. Only mine, and no one else's.

4) that roll-y backpacks are the best!

5) that it's nice to have a dorming friend, or two - especially ones that offer to let you crash if you need to.

6) that a certain street on the south end of campus has the best restaurants and shops, as well as an excellent italian ice place that is only open during the summer (darn!).

7) that eating lunch around lunchtime means that you will have difficulty finding a table, no matter which seating area you go to.

8) that making friends isn't too hard. And it's rather fun! :-)

Oh, and I know Skylar was wondering what we wore on the first day of college (and I'm sure that there are other people out there who wonder that sort of thing too). So here is what I wore: a flowery, short skirt with ruffles, a brown top with ruffles on the neckline to match the skirt, my trusty roman sandals, and my sloth necklace. (Yes, sloth necklace. It's a little glass sloth hanging from a cord. I got it in Costa Rica.)

With regards to blogging, I am ever so grateful to myself for writing tons of posts three weeks before school started, and scheduling them neatly. This meant that I didn't blog at all during the first week, and could focus on school and settling in. Which also means that I am running out of scheduled posts and will have to write up some more soon. But thank you, O Early-August Sophia! :-)

Final words before I head off to do my Calc homework - College is fun! Even if you're not the party type. New experiences are just exciting, even if it's finding an ancient German encyclopedia, or making buttons out of book jackets. (Which I did. It was very exciting, let me tell you. I want a button maker now.)

If you have gone through college or are in college currently: any advice to us newbies?
If you aren't in college yet: what are you most excited/nervous/curious about?

Oh, and thank you Skylar for this awesome project! Go check out her blog (and Ash's too)!



  1. Ahh, sounds like you've been busy, but new experiences right? Glad you're settling in and making friends and generally getting into the swing of things, the adjustments fun and a little scary. :)

    1. New experiences are definitely both fun and scary! But it's good to know that I have a couple thousand people who are experiencing freshman year with just as much nervousness as I am :-)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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