Sunday, December 1, 2013

Austen Dudes: Edward Ferrars (and some Colonel Brandon too)

I had such fun writing the post on Mr. Darcy, that I thought I'd do one on every Jane Austen fellow!
Today it's going to be Edward Ferrars from Sense and Sensibility.

As you may remember, Elinor is the Austen heroine that I most connect with, and I like her guy much more than I like Mr. Darcy.
Edward Ferrars is a really decent fellow. He's calm, sensible, and loyal, and doesn't make too big a deal out of anything. Wealth doesn't matter to him - he's perfectly happy being a clergyman with a small house and yard of chickens. (This is a reference to the final scene in the 2010 miniseries - watch it. It is the most adorable thing ever. I tried to find a picture or video of it online, with no luck.)

He's rather shy, which isn't a bad thing, and his values are strong and he will stick to them 'til the end.

This is evidenced through his engagement to Lucy Steele. Even though he knows the engagement was a rash act from when he was younger, he insists on sticking to his engagement, because he doesn't want to hurt Lucy.

Personally, if I was in Elinor's situation, I'd be a little disappointed that my crush - who obviously likes me back - didn't break off his previous engagement immediately and rushes to my arms. This is the slight bit of me that is more Marianne poking its head out. But then the Elinor in me (which is much stronger than the Marianne) realizes that a fellow who is loyal to an engagement with a woman whom he does not love - just because he gave his word - will be even more loyal to a woman he does love. This is excellent proof that he is a man who keeps his word - no matter what. What more can you ask for?

Even though he isn't the main hero in Sense and Sensibility, I'd like to give a little nod to Colonel Brandon for being awesome. Both he and Edward get A's for commitment. Colonel Brandon loves Marianne even though she's spurned him and made fun of him when her mind was full of Willoughby. Both Edward and Colonel Brandon are such steady rocks for their respective ladies (though I think Marianne needs a rock more so than Elinor).

I've seen both film versions - the BBC miniseries and the film with Emma Thompson. Both are excellent.

This one has adorable Edward chasing chickens...
...Ah yes, but this one has SNAPE
So in the end, our heroines in Sense and Sensibility end up with some pretty great dudes.

Tomorrow - I'll write about Northanger Abbey and Henry Tilney.

What do you think of Edward - or of Colonel Brandon? If you're a lady - would you marry them? :-)



Postscript:  Today is the first day of this Tale of Two Cities Readalong... and I haven't even begun. I've been reading Mansfield Park. Guys, I really need some advice on how you folks read two books at once. I don't know how this is going to work. Help!!


  1. Edward Ferrars is my favorite too. Though I do like Darcy. :)

    1. Though Elinor is my Austen-sister, and though I do like Edward Ferrars, Mr. Knightly and Captain Wentworth are my favorites. When I'm done reading Tale of Two Cities, I'll reread Emma and Persuasion and write up some glowing posts on those two fellows :-)

      Thanks for stopping by!



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