Monday, December 30, 2013

The Bible Project

So I've decided to tackle something immense next year.
I was making a list of things I'm looking forward to for 2014, as well as some goals and resolutions - and decided to put "Read Entire Bible" on the list. The Bible is, in fact, on my Classics Club list, so... the Bible Project was born:

The Bible Project is a year-long challenge to read the Bible - from a literary perspective. Since this is a literary blog (and not a theological one) I am focusing on the Bible as a piece of religious literary work, and analyzing it as such.
The Bible is on my Classics Club list, and I'm sure it's on a few others, so join me as we tackle the most-read book in the history of the world.

You can participate for the entire thing, or jump in for your favorite parts. Read just one testament, just one book, or even just one chapter - it's your call. I'll have a post with my comments/ramblings/attempt at analysis every Sunday (it just seemed right to do it then). I'm using the New American Standard Version, but I'm sure there can't be too much discrepancy.

If you choose to participate at any point, I just ask that you grab the button above... and if you write your own post(s) - share a link in the comments! (...or through the linky, if I can get that to work...)
Here's my schedule. I tried to split it up sort of evenly, but some weeks will definitely have more reading than others.

I'm a little nervous, as this is quite an ambitious undertaking.
Will you join me? :-)


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