Saturday, November 1, 2014

October // The Month of Firsts

I thought it was time I started doing a monthly recap, so here it is! October has definitely been a month of firsts (both bookishly and otherwise), obviously one being that October was the month of:

The First Monthly Recap :-)

Here are some more legitimate first things from October.

1. I met a Real Live Author whose book I loved and got things signed in person!

Marissa Meyer is the sweetest lady and all the other Fierce Reads ladies are also wonderful. Thankfully, I was able to restrain my excitement on the drive over and not get in a car accident. I am definitely going to look out for more bookish events in the future. (BEA 2016 Chicago, anyone?)

2. I won some giveaways! 

I did win a giveaway before, but the book didn't arrive until October, so it counts for that month, right? :-)

I've never won giveaways, and then suddenly - bam - THREE. And one was signed! And personalized! 

3. I actually plotted something for NaNo. 

I rarely plot and character-profile this extensively for my NaNo shenanigans. I mean, I don't go in blind, but I rarely physically write any ideas down. And guess what? I filled up about a sixth of a notebook purely with character profiles. This is big stuff, guys.

4. I got over my fear of writing in pretty notebooks.

I used to be freaked out of "ruining" all the nice notebooks my friends give me (since they know I'm a writer) with "bad writing."
Somehow, a month ago, that fear just disappeared. I pulled out a moleskine I had been saving and decided Who Cares. It's beautiful and I'm going to write my character profiles in it. I don't care if I scribble stupidities - at least I'm scribbling something.

5. I got a Pinterest!

I succumbed and got one to organize inspiration for my NaNovel. But GAH it's super addictive! It's so easy to get caught up pinning all the beautiful Venetian masks.... :-)