Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Bible Project: Week 32 (Isaiah)

Darn. I'm a week behind again.

Isaiah was interesting - in certain bits. Then it just keeps repeating itself.
"Glorify the lord! He will shower you with glory! You have been bad! He will rain curses down upon you!"

It's all well and good for a few chapters - very eloquent.
But after a while it just gets old. We have 66 Chapters of this stuff.

Of course, it is just a collection of prophesies, not stories. As prophesies, they are very interesting, but I suppose that in such abundance they get overwhelming and just too much.

The writing is extraordinarily descriptive, however, but not quite as much as Psalms.
And some of the best verses from the Bible can be found in Isaiah.
It was just a bit of an overload. I am not looking forward to more prophetic books, but unfortunately, the whole rest of the Old Testament is prophesies.  

I am so ready for stories again.

That's all I have for Isaiah.


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