Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunshine Award!

The fantabulous Robyn Hoode from Spiral Bound has kindly nominated me for the Sunshine Award, which is a bloggy questionnaire thing with even fewer requirements than our well-known Liebster.

So, here are the five questions that Robyn has asked me, and my corresponding answers:

1.What is your earliest memory?
The most specific one is probably when I was about two-and-a-half years old and we just bought our new grey van. It was evening - quite dark - and I was already in my PJ's. My parents announced to me that we had a new car, and so I rushed into my parents' room (which looked out over the street) and peered out of the window.
OMG we have a VAN! WOW!
For some reason I also remember my sister toddling next to me, but that would make no sense, since she had only just been born, or was a couple months old.
By the way, we still have that van. The AC is crap and the drivers-side window won't open and it smells like years of sweaty kids and spilled food, but it still takes me places!

2. What’s your favorite color?
I really don't have a specific favorite color. I enjoy green, as well as orange, but a shady sort of purple is also pleasing, as is a calming sort of blue.
I would like to point out that my first ever favorite color as a kid was yellow, which I've discovered not an oft-named favorite. I am proud of my unique childhood.
My special book
Also, I would like to mention that my sister's favorite color as a kid was "tutti-frutti," which gift-giving relatives interpreted as red, for some reason.

3. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
Ugh this one is hard hard hard.
I'm going to go with:
My aunt and uncle got me the Complete Chronicles of Narnia with all the original illustrations by Pauline Baynes for Christmas a bunch of years ago. There it is:

4. Who is your current (living) favorite author?
Aw, you had to make it hard and put in that parenthetical, didn't you.
I'm going to have to say Maggie Stiefvater. I've only been a fan for a few months or so, but I am entirely in love.

5. Whatcha readin’ now?
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer.

Now then, my questions for the Nominees:

1. Do you buy books from a bookstore, or borrow from a library more often? Why?

2. If you could have one fictional character as your best friend, who would it be?

3. Have you ever written a letter to an author - and actually sent it? (If so - did you get a reply?)(Note: I have done none of these things. Bad me.)

4. What is your favorite reading place?

5. If you could pick one kitchen utensil that describes you, what would it be and why?

And my nominees are:

Skylar Finn @ Life of a Random

Sky @ Further Up and Further In

Meg @ Adrift on Vulcan

That's it for this one, I think!
BUT: if you like my questions and I didn't nominate you, feel free to nominate yourself and grab the award. Just link back to me, please - and link me your post in the comments so I can read it!



  1. Eeep, thank you so much for awarding me with this, Sophia! I'll have the post up soon, hopefully. :)

    That was a pretty detailed memory, haha, but yay for useful old vans! My family has one that's coming to ten years old now (but that age is probably nowhere as close as your van's one), and it's still working really well, even though the carpet is probably full of disgusting crap accumulated over that period of time. O_O That "sister" toddling beside you could have actually been a ghost, because your house is secretly haunted. That would explain the no-sense part of the memory. (<-- Can you tell my imagination just goes freakishly wild at night?)

    And oh my gosh, your collection of the Narnia books sounds wonderful. Is it all the books in one huge book, or sort of like a box set? I have a box set with pictures as well, only I don't think it contains the original illustrations because the cover doesn't look like the one you shared. The pictures in my set come in color, though, which I love.

    Maggie!!! I've only read two of her books -- The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves -- but from what I've read, she's an amazing author with such complex plots and worlds. And also, she has beautiful writing. Which books of hers have you read and which were your favorites? And ooh, I hope you're enjoying Scarlet! A lot of my friends have been pushing me to read it, and since I adored Cinder, I'm praying I'll get the chance to go to the bookstore soon and buy it. :P

    Those are some pretty cool questions. I'm going to have lots of fun answering them, so thanks again for nominating me for this award! <3

    1. Hmmm... perhaps my house IS haunted... but if so, the ghost has been in hiding for sixteen years!

      My Narnia "books" are all one huge book. I love it. Except they are in chronological order, and I prefer the order that C. S. Lewis wrote them in. Oh well - you can't have everything, I guess. :-)

      Those are the only two of Maggie's books that I've read as well! I loved them both.
      I did love Scarlet - and I started reading Cress this morning!

      I can't wait to see your post! And you're welcome :-)

  2. I have a version similar to that of Narnia! I love mine.'s like 7 in one book (is yours like that?) which I always found hard to read when I was small(er) because...small hands. I was so obsessed with Narnia though! I had like all of them an audio and the movies and the movie companions and I LOVE NARNIA. *breaths deeply*

    We had the same car for about the first 12 years of my life. I was really sad when we sold it...but funnily enough it became a delivery van and one day pulled up in our driveway to deliver a package. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?!!

    1. YAY another Narnia obsessed person! Yes, mine is 7 in one, but I didn't get it 'til I was 13 and my hands were bigger, so - not a problem for me. I had read them all at least 6 times by the time I got my own personal copy, so I just like to open it randomly and read from wherever. :-)
      And another Narnia obsessed friend got me the movie companions for the first two movies, so I do have those! But I don't own any of the actual films. What did you think of them? For me, they rank 1,3,2, from best to worst. I have some SERIOUS BONES TO PICK with Prince Caspian!
      (The movie, not the character, of course.)

      Whoa that is WEIRD. The van will haunt you forever... O.o


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