Sunday, August 3, 2014

Camp NaNo Concluding Thoughts

Winner 2014 - Facebook Cover

Yep, that's right, I won!

Thank God.

I wrote 35,079 words.
The climax of the month occurred between 7pm and 11:45pm on July 31st, when I wrote a total of 5,000 words in order to reach my winning goal.

Look at that crazy jump on Day 31! (I'm just a bit proud of myself, if you can't tell...)

I still don't know how the heck I wrote 5k words in a little under 5 hours.
That's not natural for me, unless I actually have a constant flow of ideas - which I didn't.
The only way I think that I managed to write that many words on that final day was by switching my POV from Zaneta 3rd person limited to a couple other characters.
I don't know if that's how it'll be in my final draft, but for now - hey, it worked!

Though I did end up with some funny NaNoisms, which I will share below.
This is me on minimal sleep at 11pm.
I warned you.

She watched as the two men sized each other up amidst the noisy onlookers. Q lunged, but his opponent was smaller and was able to twist out of the way, attacking Q from the side. This fight is really boring. Anyway, they fight. Oh my gawsh the little guy is getting super nimble and his is attacking Q from all sides. But Q is bigger and has stronger punches. Waa what a fight! This is doing nothing for my novel. Oh my gawsh they're both bleeding now but still going strong.The door burst open and the spindly soldier burst in, waving his sword.
Then, I tried to write, "He was no common prisoner," 
And instead I wrote, "He had no common present."
 [Sorry, I don't have names for the characters below.]
"Excuse me!" V repeated, and stood up.
"What is it?" E asked, annoyed.
"I have to make a revolt (??)" V said. "A discussion (no) a depression no a diversion no a digression no an insistance no an awesome story that is what i need to make but now I am drowning in darkness and exhaustion and I don't know how to pull simple words from my brain so thus I must write random thoughts so you will get a stream of conciousness here instead of V's argument against the E because all that V wants to do is just argue with E. I know there are ulterior motives but I have no idea what they are and I probably won't find out tonight, I just need words and words and words, and this is V giving his dilemma no his disagreement? closer I beg to differ? no but closer what is that WORD I CANNOT THINK OF IT.
Oh my gawsh only 1k words left.
So V made his whatever-you-call-it and it was annoying and he sees under E's guise - he sees E's ulterior motives.
Can he know? E wondered. Have I given it away? He pushed the thought out of his head. V must just be being his old annoying self.
E dismisses V's arguments skilfully and P stands up.
P creaked to his feet.
"This meeting... is now... dismissed!" he croaked, and, taking his cane, he slowly began making his way towards the door.
Thank God.
[I think I was trying to say 'objection,' but was fixated on it starting with the letter d for some reason.]

 So there you have me at my worst. :-)

But I did it.
I'm going to take a couple weeks off from this story, and then dive back in, hopefully refreshed. It went in completely the wrong direction, so now I'm going to attempt to steer it in the way I'd like it to go.
I really do like the first bunch of chapters, but then the magic (literally) just disappears from the story, so I've got to do something about that.

But that is for September-ish.

Did you do Camp NaNo? If so - how'd it go?
If not - are you writing anything interesting?


P.S. Bible Project going up tomorrow.


  1. Ha, ha! It's sometimes fun to write in the wee hours of the morning when you are getting a little punchy from lack of sleep. Surprisingly I usually do my best writing at this time. Looking forward to getting an excerpt from your story ---- we will get one, won't we?

    Sigh, to have the time to write! My reading has me so bogged down. Perhaps in a couple of years when I can get life to slow down. Wish me luck!

    1. An excerpt? (Other than that stupid ones above?) Hm....
      Perhaps when I read through it in a few weeks. We shall see.

      Oh I do hope you get time to write soon! Good luck!

  2. Congrats on finishing!! I love writer "bloopers"... I know they're technically typos or whatnot, but bloopers is a much more awesome way to say it. *ahem* BUT YAY FOR 5K in 5 HOURS. That is awesome. My sister can write like 1,000 words in 20 minutes, (I think) but I'm more like sitting there for hours. Unless I'm really on an epic roll. Then I can really go for it, although it's so so tiring. I had a HUGE writing day today and now I just want sleep. x)

    1. I concur, bloopers bloopers bloopers is a very fun word :-)

      Yes so I figured out that my average speed (with flowing ideas) is 25wpm. But with me pulling at random things from around my head, it's more like 1wpm. Yeah.

      I SAW ON TWITTER that you wrote SO MANY words yesterday! 13k, right? WOOO!


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