Monday, August 4, 2014

The Bible Project: Week 31 (Song of Songs; Wisdom; Sirach)

This is a love song. This is a love story.

It is beautiful.

The common interpretation of this book is that Jesus is the Groom and we as the members of his Church are the Bride. This is, of course, a fine interpretation, and a legitamate one.

But an alternate way to look at Song of Songs is as the ideal portrayal of human love. It is an excellence to strive towards in our relationships and shows that human relationships can be sacred, too.

And it's also super romantic. A reading from the Song of Songs would be excellent to have at a wedding ceremony!

Fun fact - my name means "wisdom." (I hope I live up to it.)

What this means is that I have two patron saints. One is St. Sophia of Rome, who was martyred in 304.
And the second is Holy Wisdom, who was there when God created the world.

The book of Wisdom speaks of "Wisdom" personified as a woman, St. Sophia. 
The writer uses personification as a good tool to help the reader relate, and make it easier for them to 'follow wisdom.' There have been so many rules in the Bible so far - from the survival rules in Leviticus, to the spiritual rules in Proverbs, and so many more. But with Wisdom, we have something a bit different.

We have a characterization of a great woman (Wisdom herself), and told to strive for her. We have a goal, something to reach for, something physical. It's not just a list of rules anymore. If you achieve Wisdom, you achieve closeness with God.

....and we're back to more life advice, Proverbs-style. 
Uh, I don't have much to say, because this is very much like Proverbs. Sirach and Solomon both had some good advice.

Here's a good one:
Before investigating, find no fault; examine first, then criticize.
Before hearing, answer not, and interrupt no on in the middle of his speech. (Sirach 11:7-8)


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