Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Bible Project: Weeks 26, 27, and 28 (Psalms)

I thought I'd combine all the Psalms into one post instead of spreading them out over three weeks.


I recognize a ton of Psalms because we sing them all the time in church, and they are referenced in a bunch of hymns and classical music (Many requiems, Handel's Messiah, etc.). So while reading this I was humming quite a bit.

Something that I didn't know about Psalms was that they are NOT all written by the same person, namely, David. I thought that he was the only psalmist, but no - there are a bunch, some even anonymous.
I still think David is the best because he seems to be the most skilled at the following literary things that crop up a lot in Psalms:

Oh my gosh the imagery is fantastic. The way David describes villainous scheming evildoers is spectacular, and he does it multiple times.

Similes and Metaphors
But especially metaphors. They are EVERYWHERE. The soul without God is compared quite a lot to parched earth without water.

Personification, symbolism, and their friends
SO MUCH of this. God has "eagle's wings," and so on.

Psalsm are the poetry of the Bible, and I think I read through them too quickly to do them justice. They're definitely something to reread multiple times.


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