Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Camp NaNo Update #1

So I thought I'd update you on how my Camp NaNo writing is going, and I'm proud to report that I am only a few hundred words behind - and I'll catch up tomorrow, I'm sure.

Camp NaNoMy novel was going pretty well until this afternoon, where my plot just slowly skidded to a halt. Perhaps that's because I had no plot to begin with, just a bunch of characters. Now the characters have all met, so there's nowhere to go from here. I shall ponder the great question tonight - "What next?"

The second Main Character has been introduced a few days ago, but he has no name as yet. I've just been calling him B. Then his brother popped into the story today, but he had no name either, so he's A. (I'm very creative with names.) B should have a proper, multi-letter name soon, and once he does, I'll do a Beautiful People interview with him.
Because he is a Beautiful Person. Oh definitely. (Am I allowed to have literary crushes on fictional characters that I have invented?)

So I've also discovered that word sprints (thank you Twitter!) have been helping ENORMOUSLY with my writer's-procrastination issues. I used to write only 500 words in a few hours because of - ooh look at that Facebook post, and now I can pound out a couple thousand in the same time!

I recently got what's known as the "My-Book-Will-Never-Be-As-Good-As-My-Favorite-Authors'-Books" Syndrome, which I thankfully have dispelled by reading bad novels on Wattpad. See, it wasn't a waste of time - it was a self-esteem booster!

And finally, tomorrow, you will, at last, get a review of Cinder. Yay!

Are you doing Camp NaNo? If so, how's it going? And do you have any other advice on how to get rid of the depressing Syndrome?


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