Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Exciting Things in the Mail

So this post is going to be about a little bit of everything.

Firstly, this came in the mail a few days ago:

Lifeline Theatre, as I have mentioned THOUSANDS of times before is my absolute favorite theatre company. They write their own (most excellent and loyal) adaptations, and have the most fantastic - yet simple - sets. You may remember my post on their adaptation of The Three Musketeers.

And so, how perfect is it that they are doing A Tale of Two Cities, so conveniently close to our December readalong of that exact book!

I am looking forward to seeing the play with GREAT ANTICIPATION. It's running from Mid-February to Mid-April. (And then Monstrous Regiment is their production in June!)

If anyone is in the Chicago area, I highly recommend you check out Lifeline.

Continuing on with what came in the mail, this little book came just a few hours ago:

My wonderful aunt has, for the past three years, bought me a subscription to the wonderful magazine Writers' Forum. As an aspiring author, I have found its advice invaluable, and though I have yet to submit a story to its monthly competition, I have written in with a question for their advice columnist. This question surprisingly won that month's "best question" prize, which was the above book (though it HAS taken a good many months to get here... I wrote in sometime in the summer). I am super excited to read this book, because short stories are quite a challenge for me (novels come easier). I have trouble conveying scenes and ideas in a few poignant words, so hopefully it'll help me out.

Thirdly, and finally, I have a bit of sad news to convey to you all. (Don't worry, it's not too sad.) Because I have a LOAD of scholarship essays due in early February (gotta pay for college somehow), and because writing those obviously takes higher priority over writing this blog, I won't be updating nearly as often as I have been. :-(
Yes, I still have to write my post on The Night Circus (which might have to wait until February), and I will continue to do Top Ten Tuesdays and The Bible Project on Sundays. But that's probably all you're going to get for the next few weeks. I was thinking of doing some Shakespeare in honor of The Classics Club's monthly topic, but that might not happen. 

So there you go. That's the end of tonight's update!



  1. Dear Sophia, Congratulations on winning the Best Month's Question in Writers Forum. In life, many times it's asking a good question that leads to significant discoveries. Best of luck on your scholarship essays! I'm impressed that you're able to write your blog so often despite a hectic schedule. You must be [as I saw in your organic work] very organized and focused. Take care! Sincerely, Howard

    1. Thank you for the kind words! :-) Hope all is well with you and that your semester is off to a good start!


    2. You're very welcome! All is well so far. Sophia, would you mind saying a few words about me on Rate My Professor [assuming that you have the time and desire]?

    3. Definitely! I would be happy to!

    4. Thank you so very much Sophia, I really appreciate it!


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