Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Bible Project: Week 3 (Gen 35-50)

(Chapters 35 - 50)


I really enjoyed reading the Joseph story. I mean, I've known it ever since I was little, but I just found it pleasant to actually read. Maybe it's because it's our first real story (development, rising action, climax, conclusion) that's spans at least five chapters. The rest have all been more like little snippets.

This line made me laugh:
"Now Joseph was strikingly handsome in countenance and body." (39:6b)
I read the above to my sister and she said, "Oh my gawd, I met this TOE-tally CUTE guy - he is so strikingly handsome in countenance and body!" in her best stereotypical teenage girl voice.

For some reason I really don't have much else to say.
Perhaps it is because it was more of a story - there's not much to analyze.
Perhaps it is just because I am not up to making any profound statements today.
Most likely it is because I have somewhere to be in fifteen minutes - profound statements don't come quickly.

On to Exodus!

Do you have anything (profound or otherwise) to contribute regarding the Joseph story? Comment!!


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