Monday, April 4, 2016

March // Amsterdam + Barcelona + Copenhagen

Do you like my little alphabetically ordered title? Those are the cities I've spent my March in, mostly Copenhagen, obviously, though I spent a GLORIOUS Easter in Barcelona, and a weekend earlier in the month with my friend who lives in Amsterdam. 


Because of my crazy travels (and multiple exams! study abroad is actually real school!), I didn't get to post a lot here. Though I DID post a TON on my travel blog, which you can check out here at Seeking Souls. Usually when I'm not here, I'm over there. And travel is NEARLY as good as books.

So because I've had such a lively, un-book-bloggly month, this recap is going to be scandalously short. In book life, I've been reading a lot of Scandinavian Crime Fiction for my class (lots of reviews to come!), and running around flailing in terror at the awfully high prices of books in Denmark. 

In writing life, I've been writing a kind of Draft 0.5 of #SlavicNovel - I realized that since I didn't have the ending plotted out, I couldn't just push through with a Draft 1. But I had so much written already, so it's not a Draft 0. But starting at a certain point, I started writing in a Draft 0 style, with lots of {insert magic item here} and [somehow they escape... with the bone? or without it?]. So that's why I'm calling it a Draft 0.5. It's almost done! 

Because of this, I'm not doing the April Camp NaNoWriMo. Maybe I'll join in the next round? We shall see. Good luck to all participating in April! 

Ummm... so that's literally all I have for you this month. I was super uninvolved in the internet world, which was actually good because that means I was super involved in my real world travels. 

Tell me about your month! Are you doing Camp NaNo? If so - tell me about your project! I will cheer you on from the sidelines - wooooo woooo wooooo


  1. Sounds like you had a blast!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you had an amazing March! I stopped by your travel blog, and I absolutely love the photos of all the architecture - they're stunning!

    1. I'm guessing you mean the Gaudi - YES OMG I AM OBSESSED.

  3. Oh wow you were in Barcelona! I love that city! Several things that are comments on your travel Tumblr:

    1. You speak Spanish? ¡No lo sabía!
    2. George Martin said what??? Gaudí was a genius and his buildings are the most perfect ever created on earth. Seriously, the feelings you get standing in them... The light is so magical and unreal inside.
    3. Your tale about the guy in the bullfighting arena is so quintessentially Spanish. I had to laugh, and I cringed a bit at the same time.
    4. Never, ever pick up oranges from ornamental orange trees in Spain. The oranges are inedible, and extremely bitter. The flowers smell like heaven, though, and the trees are pretty and give shade, which is the primary reason they are on streets of sunny cities.

    Also, on a more serious note, I'm glad you weren't travelling to Brussels, and that those you know are safe. I have a very good friend doing her PhD in Brussels and I was paralyzed when I heard about the attacks. I could have fainted. Luckily, she is safe. Unfortunately, not everyone can say so.

    1. 1. Si si un poquito :-)
      2. George Orwell, not George Martin, but yes, insane, right? I was so IN LOVE with that church it's overwhelming.
      3. Haha it was a fabulous experience. I love stuff like that. (It was a little bit like old Ukrainian men too, by the way :-P )
      4. Oh that's good we didn't pick them then! We ended up buying a bag of edible ones later on, so we got to try Spanish oranges.

      Oh no that must be so frightening! Everyone in my program who had flights to or through Brussels ended up staying in Copenhagen. It was a scary time.

  4. Traveling is the best, taking an adventure is just as good as reading about one.

  5. Oh my goshhhh, three cities I am absolutely desperate to visit! You are so lucky. Copenhagen just sounds amazing---

    Love that picture, where did you take it? And GOOD LUCK WITH SLAVIC NOVEL. I'm intrigued by the bone I have to say ...

    1. The picture is from Amsterdam - it's the library inside the Rijiksmuseum. It was stunning and I have decided to move in promptly.

      Thank you for the good luck! The climax is turning out quite tangly and untangling it is more difficult than expected. AND THE BONE! That's actually one of the very important things tangling up the climax. :-P

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