Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Bookish Twitterers!

I'm linking up with Top Ten Tuesday, which I realize I haven't done in a while. Well, we're back! And the topic this week is 10 bookish people to follow on twitter!

I am on twitter a lot. Like an unhealthy amount. But it's for a good reason - there are SO many awesome bookish people who also spend a probably unhealthy amount of time on there too! So I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite twitterers (tweeters?) so that you can join in the awesomeness. The first three are authors who just rule the twitter game, and the rest are bloggers.

(Of course, I have way more than 10 awesome twitter favorites. If we've chatted on twitter, you are probably one of them! But because of the limits of being human, I could not make a list to infinity, so I just had to settle with ten.)

Lauren DeStefano
1. Lauren DeStefano @LaurenDeStefano

Okay, I confess, I haven't read her books yet. But her tweets are just so GOOOOOOD, that means her books must be too, right? She tweets about the struggles of writing, the glory of cats, and general bookishness. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Maggie Stiefvater
2. Maggie Stiefvater @mstiefvater

Okay obviously Maggie Stiefvater is the queen of authorly twitter because she is the queen of everything. Just go follow her. Don't ask questions.

Shannon Hale
3. Shannon Hale @haleshannon

Shannon Hale tweets about writerly life and her family and adorable kids - but also a lot about sexism in the publishing world, and what we can do to combat it.

whitney atkinson

4. Whitney @whittynovels

So this girl makes me laugh out loud sometimes. But she's not just on Twitter, she's on tumblr and Vine and YouTube too and on ALL of them she is JUST AS FUNNY. HOW IS SOMEONE THIS GOOD AT SOCIAL MEDIA.

Cait5. Cait @PaperFury

Okay but Cait is just fantabulous and if you don't know that already, what are you doing with your life? (Her instagram is superb too, if you were wondering.)

Faye Kirwin
6. Faye @Writerology

Only recently have I discovered the magical thing that is #storycrafter chats, hosted by the lovely Faye. Every Sunday (at 2pm CST? I think?) writers gather to discuss some aspect of writing. My first one was a role playing one which was SO FUN and I was hooked.

Kat is lovely and fun and just so nice and I like her lots. Also she's doing Camp NaNo and has recruited me as her personal encourager, so if you follow her maybe she'll be encouraged? :-P

Katie Nichols

8. Katie @SherwoodWriter

So Katie might have been possibly my first writer-friend on Twitter and she is just splendid. Also if you want to talk about anything dragon-related, she's your girl.

Cassie the Weird9. Cassie @CassietheWeird

Just looking at that twitter avatar, you know that Cassie is absolutely hilarious and fun. She is always great to chat with and has a fabulous sense of humor. 

Annie Hawthorne
10. Annie @annie_hawthorne

Annie is quite possibly the absolute sweetest little cinnamon roll I have ever met on the internet. :-) (I hope you don't mind me calling you that...? I mean it as a 100% compliment!) Also she shares excellent writing snippets. 

Now it's your turn! Tell me in the comments what other epic accounts I should follow on twitter! And go follow the lovely people I mentioned, if you haven't done that yet :-)


  1. Great picks this week! I love this weeks topic, I get to share some of my favourite bookish people but then I am also discovering new ones that I can follow. Thanks for the awesome recommendations, I had Cait on my list too because she is sooooo awesome. Can't wait to check out the others :) You can see my picks here

    1. It's been great this week, hasn't it? I love finding new people to stalk on twitter :-)

  2. AHH THIS IS AN AMAZING LIST. I mean, because I'm on it. AHEM. #humble (Just kidding. XXDXD) But omg I love Cassie and Katie and Annie and Kat so much too. <3 And also Lauren DeStefano is hysterical. And Maggie Stiefvater...OF COURSE. QUEEN OF EVERYTHING SHE DOES.

      Because you are one of the most humble people I know. Of course.

  3. I don`t do twitter, but I think following writers would be fun!

    1. The twitter book/writing community is spectacular and I highly recommend that you join the madness!

  4. I don't do twitter, though I'm thinking about it, but I love Lauren DeStefana (and I've read all of her fabulous books) and Maggie Steifvater and lots of the other ones you mentioned. Bookish Twitter is the best. Awesome post :)

    1. JOIN US in the madness of bookish twitter! You will never regret it! (Well, maybe you will, but by then it will be too late mwahaha) :-)

  5. Lauren DeStefano is SUCH AN EXCELLENT CHOICE OMG. I love Twitter. It's about equal with Instagram at the moment in terms of favourite social media. And Maggie Stiefvater as well. Ah. Some people are just too clever.

    1. Hmm... I think twitter beats IG for me, actually!
      True, some people just have extra cleverness. Can I have some of their extra please?

  6. Oh, cool. I only have a Pinterest account as far as social media goes, but I've been considering Twitter, if my parents approve. It seems to be the place where writers hang out, promote, and go wild ;)

    Also, I tagged you for the Infinity Dream Tag if you'd like to give it a shot :)

    1. I'd say twitter is definitely The Place for authors and readers. Bookish twitter is such a good community, even though it seems like twitter outside of that is a little petty, in my opinion. When I first joined, I was skeptical, but OMG it's my favorite now!

      Ooh thank you! I'll check it out!


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