Monday, June 30, 2014

The Bible Project: Week 25 (Job)

Let's talk (very quickly and briefly) about Job (because I am super busy and tired).

(Also, I'm sorry this post is late.)

Job is about the ultimate test. It's sort of like the Isaac story, where God tested Abraham to see if Abraham would trust in God so much that Abraham would kill his only son Isaac as a sacrifice to the Lord. In Job, God tests our title character to see if even in suffering he is still true to Him.

It's sort of like how you tell a true friend from a false one - the true one will stay with you through bad times. So even through his suffering, Job still stuck with God. And that proved to God that Job was a true friend of His.

There were a lot of speeches by Job and his not-friends, arguing about whether he should abandon God or not, and whether God had abandoned him or not. (I may have skimmed them rather quickly.) Actually, most of the story-story made up about one fifth of the text. It was an interesting set up - in the Bible, we don't usually see constant dialogue with little or no narration. In Job, we do.

That's fin for today. But there will be lots more exciting stuff being posted later this week! (If I actually find some time to write it. GUH.)

~Sophia (the Exhausted One)

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