Saturday, November 9, 2013

This is how I am going to die

Hello folks!

When you combine NaNoWriMo, College Apps, and a college Organic Chemistry class, blogging kind of falls to the wayside.
So I'll give you a little story that I wrote about a week ago while waiting for my train. It's was rather impromptu, and I haven't even polished it up at all, so don't expect an O'Henry or something.


This is how I am going to die

I am sitting at the train station when it starts to snow. I am early because I overestimated my time.

"I'll be fine," I had said when my mother protested the cold. "I'll have my book, I won't mind." And I don't mind. The snow begins to fall as the sharp wind whips at my scarf. It blows it off sending it flying away through the fog.
But I don't notice.
Why would I, when there's a battle going on before me in the pages of my book?

Eventually my hat follows the path of the scarf before it and my head is bare, my hair snapping about in front of my face. I push it aside with my cold fingers and continue reading. I've forgotten my gloves, but who cares? The hero has forgotten the important missive and is in dire straits.

Snow is slowly building up on my boots and my head but I pay it no mind. It engulfs in its grayish whiteness. I start loosing feeling in the hand that is holding the book, not to mention my nose and ears and chin. As snow covers the pages of my book, I am able to keep reading through the melted hole my weak breath makes in the snow as I lean over. It is the climactic moment!!!

As darkness overwhelms me, I hear a voice say, "Hullo."
"Eh?" I say, looking up, "It's almost done. Let me finish."
"It is done," says the voice.
"No it's not," I say. "The villain is just about to be defeated. Turn the freaking lights back on."
"Oh," says the voice, "I was talking about your life. It's done."
"Oh," I say. "Just let me finish the book, ok? Turn the lights back on, please."
"Hey!" says the voice. "Are you even listening? I said your life is done! Over. You're dead. Kaput. Gone to heaven. I'M GOD, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE."
"Ohhhh," I say. "Is it always this dark in heaven?"
"No," says God. "We're not there yet. Oh, here we are."

Suddenly we burst into light. There are glorious golden buildings with glorious golden figures walking about. It's like a book world! Suddenly I remember.

"Thanks for the light, God," I say, and look back down to the book in my hands. "I'll be right with you. Just let me finish the book. I'm almost done."




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