Saturday, February 20, 2016

Snazzy Snippets // Valentine Edition

It's time for some more Snazzy Snippets (hosted by Emily and Alyssa)! This time we're talking about romance (though my snippets aren't really SUUPER romantic). I really, really wanted to share some snippets from CamelotNovel, which is a contemporary retelling (ish?) of the King Arthur myth, but according to certain promises I made to myself last month, I shouldn't be writing that until I finish SlavicNovel.

So I thought that if I share some more SlavicNovel snippets, I'll get back into Slavic-mood and maybe finally get that one done? Endings are so SO hard for me, especially when they involve epic fantasy with lots of threads to be tied up and everyone counting on the climax to get it all done.

#1: A HEARTWARMING SNIPPET THAT MAKES READERS GO "AWW!" - my story doesn't have very many awwww moments. I'm not sure if it's that heartwarming yet, really. I mean, it might be eventually, but now everyone's either super snarky or super seductive or super murderous. So this is as heartwarming as it gets.

Oriana squeezed her eyes shut and groaned. When she opened them again, she dug her hands into the pockets of her trousers and pursed her lips. 
“Damla,” she said. “I want you to know that I think you are a good fighter. And not just a good one - an excellent one. That’s why I wanted you on my team. When you spoke in front of my Otamans, I realized I had made a good decision.” She paused, and Damla didn’t say anything. She wasn’t going to leap back into agreement with Oriana at the hint of apology. Also, hadn’t it been Damla that had done the decision-making? 
“Please stay,” Oriana said quietly. “I may not need you, but I definitely want you - and appreciate you.” 

#2: A KISSING SNIPPET - How could I resist sharing more sexy mermaids when it asked for kissing? 
Laryssa reached over and twirled a strand of Tania’s dark hair around her finger. 
“I’m glad you’re my friend, darling,” she said, and Tania found it extremely hard to push away the thoughts of apple cider and sunsets and comfort. Laryssa’s eyes were remarkably green, she noticed, green and deep and beautiful. A small part of her mind wondered why she noticed that, and why Laryssa’s face was suddenly so near to hers, but the rest of her waded deep into the comfort of Laryssa’s smile.
Tania had never been kissed. She had never considered the prospect of kissing anyone. Particularly, she had definitely never considered the prospect of being kissed by a girl, let alone a mermaid. But when Laryssa’s lips met hers, all Tania knew was that this was the most soul-wrenchingly beautiful thing she had every felt and that she never wanted this to end.
Not even when Laryssa, gently caressing her, still with their lips pressed together, dragged her down the bank.
Not even when the water lapped up through her clothes and up her neck.
Not even when the mermaid, with a final flick of her tail, pulled Tania’s head below the waves, and all faded away in a purple mist.

#3: A SNIPPET WHERE LOVE INTERESTS FIRST APPEAR TOGETHER - I still haven't decided if I want Tania and Stefan to be a thing, so have Oriana and Misha instead. 
"My angel!” a man standing at the gate shouted, and Oriana grinned. 
“Shut up, idiot!” she yelled back. 
The man bowed with a flourish, a smirk on his face.

What writerly things have you been up to? How was your Valentine's day? (Mine was very Danish which means I didn't celebrate at all! I had family brunch instead.) 


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