Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April // The Month Of Friends

~Lots of school. But The End is in sight!

~I didn't write ANYTHING except for papers. No short stories. No novels. No outlines. :-(

~I didn't read much either. I think I only read three books outside of schoolwork.

~But I did have some exciting presentations. One on Les Miserables. One on Phantom of the Opera. And one on Man of La Mancha. (Wow, didn't realize they were all musicals. That was exciting.)
But I was super nervous that during the last one someone would ask me if I had read Don Quixote (it's what MoLM is based on), and I would have to hang my head in shame and say nooooooooo really quietly. The whole class knows I'm a book worm, so it would have been super bad. Thankfully, everyone just assumed I had read the book and I didn't have to face that shameful situation.


~Darn. That last point most likely jinxed it and next week we will have snow. Just watch.

~I'm going through a weird emotional time right now. This is the first time in - actually, forever (cue Frozen song) - that I've had to entirely re-make my friend group. Being homeschooled through highschool has provided me with lifelong friends that didn't leave after gradeschool /middleschool/ whatever. I've had one long continuous educational experience, and so my friend group, with some people trickling out and in over time of course, has remained pretty stable.
Now comes college. And last semester, my friend group was still my high school people. Of course, I had friends in college, but they weren't my friend group. Well, now I've made my transition into "college Sophia," and have an entirely new friend group here at school. AND IT IS THE WEIRDEST THING. I'm not used to seeing friends every day, and then having to say, "Goodbye, I'll see you in the fall.". Of course, we're going to plan get-togethers over the summer, but it'll be different. I'M GOING TO MISS THESE PEOPLE SO BADLY.
I didn't realize how close I had gotten with my college friends until I started thinking about how it would be to suddenly not see these people that I literally see every single day. I'm not used to it! In highschool I'd go for days without seeing friends. Now I get a little sad every weekend because that's two more days without them.
Thus, emotional turmoil. But happy emotional turmoil because aww baby Sophia has college frendsies now!

~That was both deeper and longer than I meant it to be. It was just supposed to say: YAY I have friends and BOO I'm going to miss them over the summer!

To make up for last month's lack of Book Hauling, I went to town this month. AND ALL FOR FREE!

Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy
The Sea Wolf by Jack London

The books above I found at my school library, where I discovered a shelf with a sign something along the lines of "Take a book, leave a book, share a book." Of course, I took two.

Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes
Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy
The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon
Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart

This magnificent pile was from my train station. Yes, there are books at my train station. The local library has set up a shelf for books that they are discarding, and people can take whatever they like. Usually, it's full of harlequin romances and messed up scifi/fantasy, but occasionally (a few times a year) I find a classic in there like Great Expectations or one of the Anne of Green Gables books. But this month was a jackpot. I just kept throwing more and more books into my backpack - the other people in the station must have thought I was crazy! But now I have a pile of new-to-me books to read - and for free!

(I do own a Johnny Tremain already, so if anyone wants this mildly beat-up copy, let me know. I thought I might as well take it and pass it on to someone who'd read and love it.)

Wow, I really didn't post much this month. May 8th is the last day of classes for me, so after that - prepare for a barrage of awesome reviews!

Beautiful People #8: Lili and Alicia
{Meet the siblings from my contemporary WIP underfed outline-less plot bunny!}

Am I a good parent to my book babies?
{This month's vlog! Also I rant about highlighter in books.}

How was your April? 



  1. Oh gosh I feel like the opposite of you. xD When I was homeschooled I literally had no friends, but then again I did most of y high school in a face-to-face school, then had to switch over in the last couple of years, so I suppose that's why. Good luck with college. :) Enjoy The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night. I studied that in year 12, and even though I didn't like it, I know plenty of people that did. ^_^

    1. Awww too bad! I hate when people have not-so-great friend experiences in homeschooling, since mine were so good.

      I loved The Curious Incident, it was totally my type of book! :-)

  2. At your *train station*?? You are so lucky! That is a brilliant haul. The Curious Incident is an excellent book -- and Catcher is just ....

    [I can't.]

    We too (here in Scotland; I don't know where you are) have had an actually sunny day today ... which is pretty much a first for 2015! I exaggerate. But last week the weather was rotten. I'm hoping that it's finally got its act together ....

    Glad you've made good friends at college! :)

    1. Yes. My train station is awesome. :-)

      I feel like this weird weather has been universal (Or at least Norther Hemisphere-related). I'm in Chicago, by the way, and I just visited my aunt in London, and got bombarded with messed-up weather in both places. :-/


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