Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Funny Little Story

Since my last post had to do with Prince Edward Island, I thought I'd continue with a humorous anecdote that involved one of the Islanders. Maybe I can tie it into the whole Rambling With A Purpose idea.After I wrote that post I tried to follow my own advice and do more RWAPing in my own journaling, so here is a small portion of the result. Mark you, it is coming straight from my journal....

We took the scenic route up to Cavendish, and on the way stopped by in a small fishing harbor. Sitting on a porch was an old man with a white beard, pure white, making some sort of netting. We got out to stretch our legs, and [my dad] walked over to the fellow, who was wearing an old baseball cap.

"Whatcha making?" asked [my dad].

"Oh, yaknow, shoppin' bags," said the old fellow, showing us one of his creations. It was basically a drawstring bag made of yellow netting.
"I'm old, and I got nothin' to do, so I make these shoppin' bags."
The old man looked so picturesque that my dad pulled out the camera.

"You mind if I take a photo?" he asked.

The old man immediately whipped off his baseball cap and pulled on an old sailor's hat - one of those black oily ones that fishermen wear. The result was a classic photo.

"Oho!" said my dad. "I see you're ready for the pictures!"

"We got lots of people comin' here, from all ova the bloody world," replied the man. "They take a picture with me, and then I never see them again... but no problem... no problem..."

We walked a little ways up a small dirt road that ran down the beach.

"Does that road go through all the way?" [my mom] asked.

"Oh yeah. You're fine there. That's a fine road. A fine road. I've driven on it for seventy years, and - no problem, no problem."

"But will it take me to the main road?"

"Oh no problem. It's a fine road. It'll take you any where you want to go, no problem."

He became contemplative, and said, "Yaknow this lake? When I was young, you could ride with a car on the ice, no problem, it was so thick. But now, even in the middle of winter you can boat out to the middle."

"It's getting warmer every year," said my mother.

"Yep, getting warmer. And in the summer, you could lay in the sun and you'ld get - yaknow, you'ld get - blisters - blisters from the sun," - here he rubbed his arm descriptively - "But now, you can lay out in the sun all day in the summer, and ya need to put on an overcoat. Ya need to put on an overcoat..."

"Well, thanks for the picture. Have a nice day."

"Ah, you too, have a nice day... no problem."

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