Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Bible Project: Week 21 (2 Chron 28-36; Ezra)

(Chapters 28-36)

Yeah, this didn't exactly cut it for me. As I said last week, both books of Chronicles were bo-oring, since dry history usually is relatively uninteresting for me. Oh well. At least we're done with it.

Though not quite, since both Ezra and Nehemiah are considered to be work of the Chronicler as well. All four books (1 Chron, 2 Chron, Ezra, and Nehemiah) used to be all one huge work.

I liked Ezra much better than the two Chronicle books. It had a main character (Ezra, of course), and it had a clear story (the Israelites reclaiming their land and religion after being taken over by the Persians). Ezra became their new spiritual leader, helping them revive their old religious practices.

I hope Nehemiah won't go back to the old "Chronicles" way of storytelling. We shall see.



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    1. Cool! Are you also reading the Bible from start to finish? If so, what's your schedule?


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