Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Bible Project: Week 18 and 19 (1 Chronicles)

Hey, look at that! I'm back on track with my reading schedule!

1 Chronicles can be split into two parts:

Ch. 1-9: NAMES and MORE NAMES. The Chronicler really liked genealogy, and seemed to have a thing for identifying every single person involved in every single battle and great event. Every single person and their children, too.

Ch. 10-23: Retelling of David's story from back in 2 Samuel.

So really, nothing new. I'm sure if I read super carefully, I could write a discussion on the differences between the Chronicler and the writer of 2 Samuel, but I don't have time for such super in-depth analysis right now.
One difference that an annotation in my Bible pointed out to me was a wording change in 1 Chron 21:1. ("A satan rose up against Israel, and he enticed David into taking a census of Israel." - A census was sinful because the idea was that the people belonged to the Lord, not to the king, and thus only the Lord should know their exact number.) Here's what the annotation has to say about it:
In the parallel passage of 2 Sam 24:1, A satan is instead the Lord's anger. The change in the term reflects the changed theological outlook of postexilic Israel, when evil could no longer be attributed directly to God.... Here, as in later Judaism and in the New Testament, satan, or the "devil," designates an evil spirit who tempts men to wrongdoing.
So here we have the first mention of the Devil, which I thought was pretty cool.

That's all for today - the spin book is revealed tomorrow!



  1. Hey Sophia, I may try to join you in your Bible project. I started studying the Bible last year, but keep getting sidetracked. I always have so many books on the go, but maybe this will help me stay motivated and make a priority.

    1. I would love to have you join me!
      This Project is definitely keeping me motivated to read the Bible, though I've recently discovered that I'll have to re-do my reading schedule for it because I made my schedule off of an "Read the Bible in a year" website which used a Protestant version as its base, while I'm reading a Catholic version. So now there are books missing that I'll have to squeeze in somewhere... :-/
      All these versions make is so confusing!
      But yes, hop in where you like, or try to catch up (though that might be a bit challenging). I really hope you can join in!

    2. I will definitely try! I already have forgotten to read this weeks chapters, but will try to catch up this weekend. I will probably mostly listen to an audio book, as I find it handy to squeeze in a few chapters during my commute.

  2. Dear Sophia, Thank you for writing about this. I wrote a short play of what I perceive the true nature of the Devil is [as well as, what I believe, is his role in history]. Of course, for men who have gone through a nasty divorce, they might consider Satan a woman, but that's not my take on the subject...

    Anyway, while this has nothing to do with the subject at hand, I thought you might like to have the following link for fully produced songs of mine on MySpace:

    I hope you enjoy them should you have the time to check them out.

    Take care! Sincerely, Howard

    1. Thanks for the link! I did check out your YouTube a while ago and I think I just forgot to tell you. I really like your style. :)


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