Thursday, August 4, 2016

July // NaNo + Micro + Shelves (oh my!)

The reason why this post is late is because I was taking summer school finals on August 3rd and I couldn't afford to take any time off to blog. And it paid off! Well, with the help of my splendid microbiology professor:

Now I have two weeks until the fall semester starts, and, lovelies, do I have a LOT planned. Writing and reading and blogging and photography and...

Oh talking about writing! I completed July's Camp NaNoWriMo with 51k, but am just barely halfway through the novel. #SlavicNovel is turning out to be a 100k monster of badass women and creepy forests. My ultimate goal is to finish this draft before school starts, but I'd be happy if I can manage it by sometime around the beginning of September, really. And then I'll put it aside for a bit, because I've got plot bunnies to tend to and eeeee NaNoWriMo!

You may have noticed that I've been rather AWOL around here lately, but that's all because of summer school. Don't worry! I'll be around much more! I've got a lot of reviews coming up and a lot of random and fun posts hopping around in my brain. My blog inspiration has been a little dead lately, but now I think it's BACK!

I've been saving the biggest news for the end here, but it's not really July news, since it only happened this morning. BUT IT'S GOING IN THIS RECAP BECAUSE I SAY SO.
Anyway, look! I have a NEW BEAUTIFUL FLOOR-TO-CEILING BOOKSHELF! It's right across from my bed in my room so it's a perfect thing to wake up to. I am so in love. (Thanks dad for doing all the heavy work <3) GAZE AT IT AND BE HAPPY:

Yes, it's color coded. Yes, some of the series are split up. If you are bugged by that, go commiserate with my sister, who is organizationally annoyed though aesthetically enraptured with the whole thing. BUT I COULD NOT RESIST THE RAINBOW. 

So guess what's on the horison? BOOKSTAGRAM #SHELFIES. I have never taken a shelfie and look! That picture I just shared! That was my FIRST EVER SHELFIE. 

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpgDisplaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Something Strange and Deadly, A Darkness Strange and Lovely, and Strange and Ever After by Susan Dennard - in preparation for Chapter One Young Writers Conference on Saturday! Susan Dennard is the keynote speaker, and will be having signings afterwards - I'm so excited! I haven't read any of them yet :-)
Made You Up by Francesca Zappia - also for Ch1 Conference! Also TBR!
The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue - found at my train station free-book shelf. Changelings and fairies!
Truthwitch by Susan Dennard - from the library, unfortunately, and not to keep for the signing. But I'm currently reading it and I love it!

(all photos link to their instagram versions!)

Friends! Lovelies! How was your July? Tell me everything! What did you read? What did you write? What did you do? 


  1. That bookshelf is gorgeous. I need one. I need like 3 actually. And yes, it slightly bothers me to have series split up, but you're absolutely right: it's so pretty!!!

    Awesome job on your summer course! And I love, love, love your bookstagram.

  2. OMG I LOVE YOUR BOOKSHELVES, THEY ARE GORGEOUS OMGGGG. Okay but I think you could improve it by covering the ENTIRE WALL with shelves and also getting a ladder. Because #priorities *nods* (And colour-coding is the best!! I always do it!! EEEEEP. I actually can identify my books by colour before title hahahah. Ahem.)

    And omg Made You Up is SO SO GOOD.😍

    Plus your instagram is just fjadskalfd I love the colours and the aesthetic and the gorgeousness, basically. ALSO CONGRATS ON YOUR GRADES AND THINGS! YAY!!

  3. The bookshelves look amazing, I love the rainbow!

  4. Your bookshelves are so gorgeous! And I"m glad you survived microbiology. Hmm, in July I volunteered in Bihar (India's poorest state) for a few days, which was good, and then school started and I wrote bits and pieces of things. I loved Faking it by Gabrielle Tozer and The Inside of Out by Jenn Marie Thorne. And now I'm rereading Eragon. Hopefully August is awesome also :)

  5. YOUR FIRST SHELFIE = SUCCESS. I'm glad you color coded it; it looks absolutely gorgeous. And Made You Up is soooo good!!

    Eeeep, I start school back in a couple of weeks as well. I'm so excited :D

    Ally @ The Scribbling Sprite

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