Friday, November 6, 2015

Snazzy Snippets // NaNoWriMo Edition

I'm fully into NaNoWriMo, and this year it's coming along marvelously! I'm steadily a day ahead in my word count, which I am OVERJOYED with. And I'm loving my novel. It has no title yet, but it does have a pinterest, which you can check out if you'd like.

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Snazzy Snippets is a (bimonthly?) linkup hosted by Emily and Alyssa. It's a chance for us to share our writing, which I rarely do (because my babiiiiieeees are preciiiousssssss). So what better time to join in than NaNoWriMo? (Also, that means this snippet is pure first draft, so not superbly beautiful. Bear with me.)

I'm sharing a snippet that falls under the second prompt: a snippet featuring a friend/family member of your protagonist. And, since my protagonist obviously has no friends (as you will find out from the snippet), you get to meet her grandfather!


Tania,” said her grandfather, slowly stumping over to the cupboard and pulling out the tea. “What was all that outside?”
Tania frowned, and said nothing, instead reaching for the cat that rubbed up against her ankles. She tried to pick it up but it scowled and dashed off. 
“Stupid cat,” she muttered. “Make up your mind.”
“Tania,” her grandfather repeated, a little more intently. “Leave the cat alone. What happened outside? Marika is a nice girl and I don’t want you getting into fights.”
Tania flopped down onto the chair by the door and closed her eyes. 
“Marika is a judgmental harpy, and the rest of this village is just like her.”
Her grandfather sighed and turned to the fire. “Honeybee. Help me make tea?” he asked, and Tania pushed the stray hairs that had escaped her braid out of her eyes and got up. As she hooked the tea kettle onto the metal rod over the fireplace, she felt her grandfather’s calloused hand touch her shoulder.
“Were they talking about your mother?” he asked gently.
“They didn’t expressly say it, but I could feel they wanted to,” she said, turning to face him. “It’s not my fault my mother couldn’t have children. Why do I have to live with her twisted decisions?”
“You are the reason for her ‘twisted’ decisions,” said her grandfather. “She loved you so much that she was willing to danger her life for the chance of giving birth to you.”
“So I was born. And then she died,” Tania replied bitterly. “All her efforts to have a child were pointless, because then she didn’t even get to enjoy me or take care of me. And I’m left with them.” She waved her hand dismissively towards the street. 
The old man sighed and sat down creakily into the chair by the fire. “Are you really having that much trouble with your friends, honeybee?”
Tania scoffed and threw a twig into the fire, making it crackle. “Friends. They hate me. They think I’m cursed. I don’t have friends.” She wished she could throw this whole damn village into the fire and watch it crackle. Then she’d live with her grandfather alone – and in peace.

So there's that! Share your snippets with me! How's your NaNo going?


  1. :D I love this. Poor girl, the grandfather seems so sweet.

  2. Awww, poor Tania. *feeds her soft warm pretzels* The grandfather sounds really nice too! BUT OMG ONLY ONE SNIPPET??!?!?! SOPHIA. ARE YOU OUT TO TORTURE US?!?!? *collapses wailing* Mooooore!??!?

    1. I thought it would be too much! I actually had three originally, and then changed my mind. :P I will know for next time haha

      Oh and Tania very much so appreciated your pretzels, by the way.

  3. TANIA IS A FANTASTIC NAME. I say that because it is true and also because I used it for a (frankly terribly written) character for my first (frankly terribly written) novel. I might reuse that name sometime, but anyhow. I love that name and therefore your character. Also because this: "“Friends. They hate me. They think I’m cursed. I don’t have friends.” <-- I am joining Cait in pretzel-giving.

    Snazzy Snippets is indeed bimonthly, and I hope to see you again next time because this was fantastic! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Tania actually started out as Kasia, but it was too close to Koshiy, so I changed it. And am EXTREMELY happy with the change. I know a girl named Kasia now, who is super super nice and not at all like my MC, so I wouldn't want to associate the two. :-)

      Pretzels are always appreciated. I've already eaten Cait's, so thanks for yours! ;-)

      I will definitely link up next time! Thanks for hosting!


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