Saturday, October 3, 2015

September // Auditions + Sisters + Rennaissance Art

Remember how in last month's recap I said that August just went by so slowly (in a good way)? Well, September was basically just a whooosh. I hung out with friends, studied lots (got lovely grades on my first two exams of the semester), and started tutoring at the writing center at my university. I auditioned for the a cappella choir at school and got as far a callbacks, which was great. (Our callback song we had to learn was, of all things, Shut Up and Dance. That song will forever be stuck in my head - a cappella version.)

This month was such a blur that I barely had time for blogging (as I'm sure you've noticed). I also had about zero motivation to work on any WIPs, and pretty valid excuses too, so I got no writing done. My sister, on the other hand, wrote about five hilarious and nerdy fairy tales and is considering starting a blog about food and life (a good combination). I will announce that once it happens because she is a top-notch interneter and a very clever writer. (Meanwhile, if you like pictures of food on your timeline - and who doesn't? - go check out her instagram.)

If you follow me on twitter you may know about my travel plans for next year but I'm trying not to say too much too early yet on this blog because it's not 100% solidified yet. But... it involves Denmark and potentially a travel blog and opportunities for guest posting. So. Stay tuned. I will make full disclosures next month. :-)

Basically I feel like September has been one huge transition to future excitement, kind of a foundation month for October and beyond, whether it's sister-blogging or travels or getting good grades or deeper friendships. 

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The Road to Gandolfo, The Bourne Identity, and The Bourne Ultimatum by Robert Ludlum - all of these are from my handy train station book shelf where the library discards it's duplicate/unneeded copies and we lucky commuters can take them for free! My friend has been insisting that I read the Bourne Trilogy and now I have the first and the third, so there is no excuse. :-)

Dead Man's Mirror by Agatha Christie - also from the train station bookshelf. <3

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern - from my September #OTSPSecretSister package! My Secret Sister is the loveliest and sent me a Night Circus themed box! SO EPIC.

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel - this book seems to have a pretty unique format, and a thrilling plot. It sounds exciting! (Thank you Shelf Awareness and Random House for the free ARC!)

(click the photos to go to their instagram versions)


Again, I fail in being an active interneter. BUT

Early on in the month, Mishma from Chasing Faerytales talked about ARC's and how they can become a symbol of blogger status. 

And Katie from Spiral-Bound revealed the REAL reason why so many homeschoolers play piano. As a homeschool graduate, I can verify that this is 100% true. :-)

Err... I only posted three times this month. But a lot of you liked my post asking whether or not you judge books by their covers. It is full of self-analysis and pretty pictures, so check it out! 

Also, apparently someone found my blog by searching judith caravaggio. I assume they were looking for this wonderfully gruesome and fascinating painting called Judith beheading Holofernes by the Rennaissance painter Caravaggio, whom I adore:

So, searcher, I am glad we share a taste in art, and though I am quite sure I did not previously have what you were looking for, now I do - for anyone else who happens to think that Renaissance art can be found on a book blog. 

How was your September? Collect any lovely new books? 


  1. I shamelessly love that song, Shut up and Dance. I just finished reading The Night Circus, there were some things I took issue with, but the imagery and plot was beautiful. That picture is terrifying. :D

  2. Ooh, I do love Carvaggio. That painting is amazing!

    Did I collect any lovely books? No! I have a self-imposed book-buying ban currently. *le sigh*

    I know I'm well late here, but happy October! I hope the next two weeks of the month go well for you :)


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