Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Problems!


Oooh boy, it's about to get real. :-)

Today's topic is Top Ten Bookish Problems. And you know how much we bibliophiles suffer for our bookish lifestyle.

1. When you don't have enough shelf space.

Come on, this deserves spot #1. I will NEVER have enough shelf space. EVER.
(Luckily, I have three excellent libraries within a five mile radius of my house.)

2. When your series are mismatched. 

Different editions is not that great. But a mix of paperback and hardcover - that's terrible. Look at my Lunar Chronicles - I couldn't NOT buy hardcover Cress, but now they're all different heights. Now I really want hardcover Cinder and Scarlet, but my paperback ones are SIGNED. And PERSONALIZED. And I don't have enough money to have two of a book just for the cover. THE STRUGGLE.

3. When your friends aren't booknerds.

Granted, I've been pretty lucky with booknerd friends. My homeschooling/highschool friends are mostly nerdy in some way or another and all appreciate (or at least pretend to appreciate) when I discuss with Hugo's characterizations or how the Narnia movies differed from the books. (It becomes more of a monologue on my part. I'm sorry, friends.)
And I've found a couple people in college who are SUCH BOOKNERDS and they make me happy. One of them I commute with, and she reads YA! We have the greatest conversations on our bus home. :-)

But I only see her once a week. And sometimes, though you online bibliophiles are THE BEST, you just need to flail live, instead of in all caps. And I hate seeing that blank stare when you flail at a friend who just doesn't understand. :-(

4. When you're addicted.

I am, seriously. I think most of you are too. If I don't read for a week, I get cranky, annoyed, freaked out about school... overall an unpleasant person to be around. I'm going through book withdrawal!

5. When your purse isn't big enough for your current read.

But come on, this one is easily remedied - get a bigger purse!

6. When you finish a book and don't have another handy.

At home, I can just grab something from the shelf or go on a quick five minute jaunt to the library. But when I'm at school (which is most of the time), I'm stuck. Actually, I'm writing this from school, and am in precisely such a situation. PITY ME.

It's even worse when you miss a train or bus and have nothing to do. :-/

7. When you happen to be busy on that day your favorite author has a tour stop near you.

WHYYYYY. Somehow this always happens to me.

8. When all you can think of in conversations is book references.

"Actually, talking about [whatever], the book I'm currently reading...."
"You know [title of book]? Well..."
"This book I'm reading has to do a lot with [topic at hand]. Let me proceed to explain the whole plot of the book (with the idea that I can then explain [topic at hand] reference) until we've all forgotten [topic at hand]. Because that's totally not obnoxious."

You don't know how many times I've done this.

9. When you compare all real potential partners to your book boyfriends/girlfriends.

We bibliophiles have got really high standards, you must admit. My future husband has a lot of competition to get through, and has to measure up with the likes of Captain Wentworth and Gilbert Blythe.  I kinda feel bad for him. :-/

10. When you get food all over your book while eating and reading simultaneously.

 It's even worse when it's a library book or a new book, because then you feel like some sort of book defiler. :-(
(This temporary guilt won't stop me from reading while eating, so I guess I'm not that sorry about it.)

What are some trials of booknerddom that I've missed? Let me know in the comments!



  1. When you buy a handbag just because it's big enough to fit the Order of the Phoenix in... That's when you know you have your priorities straight! :P I can relate to a lot of these, though I have to say my kindle has really helped with both 5 and 6 - I was ambivalent towards e-readers until I went to Paris for my gap year and tried to lug a year's worth of books around on various trains... Great list as always :)

    1. Oh I have a Kindle, and it was nice, and then I drowned it and it died. :-/ I decided I didn't care enough to get a replacement. But I have the app on my phone if I'm ever that desperate. :-)

  2. What a great list! I don't know any real-life book lovers though (but I'm hoping that'll change soon), so I have to flail with online people!

    I feel so sorry for everyone running out of space! I know digital reading's not the same, but I still love the convenience of my Kindle...no need to worry about breaking spines either!

    Great list!

    1. I am happy to flail with you. :-)

      My Kindle was fine, until I drowned it in crocodile infested waters in Costa Rica. Now only half the screen works. I decided I didn't care enough to get a new one.

  3. Great list! I definitely understand when you say that there's not enough shelf space. I recently began to run out of shelf space and yet I keep buying more books! I wasn't really fond of e-readers, probably because I had been reading books on my phone. I recently bought one and I'm excited to use it though! :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Oooh I hope your ereader lives up to all your expectations! Warning: don't drown it (that's what I did with mine. Whoops!).

      I'm attempting to take over my mother's shelf, but it's slow going. :/

  4. Love it! I hate it when the person I'm talking with isn't a book nerd cause that's what I love to talk about. It's a good lesson in forbearance for me I suppose though. ;)

    1. Definitely forbearance. "What ELSE is there to talk about? You don't deserve to be my friend." :-D

  5. You have three libraries in a five mile radius?? I am completely jealous.

    I also have about 6 different purses so that one will always fit the book I'm reading.

    1. My library is nice, though it's under construction now; the one in the suburb to the west is spectacular and has just been redone; and the one to the east has the greatest film collection. My parents sure know how to pick a place to settle!

  6. Great list! I really like number six - it happens to me constantly, especially on public transport. And it's always when that happens that your bus or train is delayed by forty-five minutes. :D

    1. Oh of course! Then you resort to reading train schedules and bus maps. That's when you know you've reached the ultimate low. :-P

  7. How do you have THREE libraries that close to you? This is not even fair. I'm lucky to live next to a library within walking distance, but that's the only one within a five mile radius. Unless my school library counts, but I'm not going to count it because it's not that big and I'm only allowed to borrow two books at a time. I am also seriously addicted to books, which is why I sometimes make bad choices and stay up to read after finishing homework because how can a day go by without reading? Then the next day at school isn't so pretty. I don't stay up that late, though. Maybe 11:30 pm at the latest.

    1. I DONT KNOW. I'm super lucky. My parents sure know how to pick a good place to settle and raise a family! :-)

  8. I can relate to so many of these. All of them in fact! I don't think people realize the emotional baggage that all bookworms are obligated to carry. And don't even get me started on the tears and rage that follow when you get crumbs stuck in between the pages of your favorite book and they won't come out.
    I, sadly, do not live close to three libraries, so I have to settle for Barnes and Nobel (which actually becomes a library if you stay long enough.)

    1. OH CRUMBS. They are the worst.

      Once I went to B&N to study and ended up reading the bonus short stories in the backs of special editions of YA books. So yeah. Totally get it.


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