Sunday, January 3, 2016

December // Year End Shenanigans + Future Machinations

Because it's December, this is going to be an unconventional recap post. I want to talk not just about this month, but the eleven before it - and the twelve after. So after we go through the regular stuff, LETS TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE! Blogging future, reading future, writing future, and just life future. Yay!

December! The month of finals, of Christmas, of snow, of New Years Eve. Let's go through each of those in turn, shall we?

Finals were great precisely because I managed to not have any this year! *hides in a corner from all the angry final-taking people* I did have final papers due, and am actually still working on one that is due on January 10th. Sigh. But after finals week I went to Wisconcin Dells with some friends and hung out in an indoor waterpark and had a giant nerf gun fight in a basically empty hotel so that was great. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation (empty hotel, nearby Walmart, lots of friends), DO NOT PASS IT UP. It's dang fun.

We celebrated Christmas the usual way - traditional Ukrainian festivities on Christmas eve, and lounging around the house in pajamas on Christmas day. The pageant at our church was possibly the most adorable and awkward yet, with a toddler from the audience running up and trying to crawl into the manger before "Jesus" (played by a REAL BABY) had been "born".

Snow! We had none on Christmas. But then the week after, we had evil hail pellets rain down and attack any bare faces. Oh well. At least the ground is pretty and white now.

New Years was splendid and I spent it with other under-21-ers in my house drinking sparkling grape juice and playing pool and Mafia.

OH AND I spent basically all of December post finals week rereading the Harry Potter books. How much of a better Winter Break can you get? I'm currently in the middle of Half-Blood Prince and can't wait to get to Deathly Hallows, since I haven't read that one ever!

Library Haul
ALL THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS - as mentioned above. Also, greatest thanks to my dad who is the best man ever since he drove me around to all our local libraries trying to find an available copy of Goblet of Fire. ETERNAL GRATITUDE O FATHER OF MINE

Train Station Free Book Shelf Haul

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and 
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Johnathan Foer

(photos link to instagram)


So whats in the works for 2016? Let's talk, my lovelies!

First of all, a reminder that in two weeks (on the 14th) I'm leaving for the land of stunningly attractive blond people, stylish black clothing, Ikea furniture, and the Little Mermaid. And I will be there for FOUR MONTHS. Now, even though gallivanting around Denmark leaves little room for blogging - never fear, I will not abandon you. However, I really don't know what my schedule will be like so if you are interested in guest posting at Ravens and Writing Desks, you can fill out this handy form and I will be eternally grateful to you and shower you in chocolate and cake and chocolate cake. And glitter. 

(It should show up below but if it doesn't you can just click here.)

(Also, check out my travel blog which will probably be updated much more regularly than this one.)

Other than guest posts, what other kinds of things are in store for this blog in 2016? Well, I really think a theme redesign is highly in order, but it's going to be postponed until after I return from Denmark. So that will have to wait until June. 

I'm also planning a ton of giveaways. Finally! I've never done any but in 2016 - I WILL. SO BE EXCITED.

Last year, I decided I didn't want to do any reading challenges - and that was possibly the best decision I have ever made. Therefore - no reading challenges in 2016 either. Probably not even the GoodReads one. 

What about on the writing front? Well, my 2015 goal was to finish an editable first draft. This didn't happen, but it was SO CLOSE. I just need to figure out my climax and I'm good. So in 2016, my goal is to create a satisfactory draft to send out to beta readers. Woo! Also, to write more short stories.

HOW ABOUT YOU? What are your 2016 plans? Reading? Writing? Blogging? Living? Tell me all your aspirations and machinations!


  1. Aww, your father is the NICEST. XD I always have this urge, when we travel, to stop by a random library in a random town and just snoop BUT THEY NEVER LET ME. GAH. hehh. *ahem* But yay for Harry Potter marathons! I'm halfway through Deathly Hallows and I just kidna paused it to have a reading break over Christmas. I MUST START UP AGAIN SOON! *nods sagely*
    Happy new year!!

  2. A Nerf gun fight, in an empty hotel. That sounds amazing. Have fun on your trip!


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