Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Small Hiatus

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow I will be flying out of the country - to Costa Rica, with lots of sunshine, lots of greenery, lots of flora and fauna, and no internet. Therefore, I will not be able to provide posts for the ten days that I will be there.
I have a crazy long post on Les Miserables that I was attempting to finish before leaving, but now I see that that is rather an ambitious undertaking. Therefore, that post (or posts - I may split it up into a few) will come when I return on July 28th.

So come back here somewhere around the beginning of August - there will be tons of new material then!

See you in ten days!


PS Because I feel bad about leaving you so abruptly, here are some pictures that have to do with books:

And on this one, replace "movie" with "book:"

And lastly:

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