Friday, May 17, 2013


Hello and Welcome to Ravens and Writing Desks! I'm glad you're here.

This blog is, in all probability, going to be a seasonal blog. As I am still in school, this means that the amount of posts on this blog is going to be indirectly proportional to how much homework I have. Therefore, it will probably flourish in the summer, come down to average in the fall and winter, and almost die out in the spring. This is because mostly what I am reading during the spring is this:

Not such great blogging material, right?

Yesterday, my sister and I celebrated the advent of summer by a trip to the library, where she got books on constellations (stargazing being her summer project), and I got these:

What a nice pile of books! How exciting!

One of the purposes of this blog is to present candid reviews of classics from the perspective of the modern young adult (me!). The reason why classics are called classics is because they have withstood the test of time, and thus proved themselves to be examples of great literature that contemporary writers should aspire to. However, nobody's perfect, and everyone has their own opinion - I hope to humbly present mine in this blog.
I may post reviews of contemporary books as well, though I do not read them quite as often as I do older classics, and generally only the most well known.
In addition to reviews, there will be a miscellany of posts on various topics related in some way to writing and literature.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog. If you have anything to say, please comment; I appreciate any feedback. See you in the next post!



  1. Sophia, I just read all your blog posts backwards in time and I enjoyed them so very much! What a pleasure to listen to your thoughts and perspective on life and literature. Not sure you can know how gratifying is was for me to read your recent posts on weird literary terms! I am delighted to see through your writing what a lovely and thoughtful young woman you have become, and your parents must be bursting with pride in you (and themselves!). Best of luck with college applications this year. Aim high!!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind wishes! I'm so glad you enjoyed my writing!


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